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A-OK Summer Mixcast One

I couldn’t send you away to a nice hot weekend without some music to listen to on the way to the beach. I love driving, I love driving with my windows down, I love driving with my windows down and blaring great music. In fact, one of my favorite parts of having a car, is Car-Rock—when your music is so loud it creates a bubble around you so no one can see/hear you sing—and I thought it was time to get off my ass and learn how to make a Mixcast. Part podcast, part mixtape, a bit of music and ranting and hopefully ya dig! Featured artists on this particular Mixcast are:

1) Kingdom Cloud – Turbo Ranger
2) Lightning Dust – I Knew
3) Metric – Help I’m Alive (The Twelves Remix)
4) Braids – Lemonade
5) Treelines – Canadian Airlines
6) Brendan Canning – All the Best Wooden Toys Come From Germany
7) The Mosaic – Sun (The Mosaic Remix)

And remember guys, if you dig the song it’s only $0.99 on iTunes!

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Hoop workshop hosted by California’s KIT!!

Really awesome news for Hoop enthusiasts in Kelowna. The lovely Veronica “KIT” will be hosting a 2 hour workshop at Rotary Park Beach on Tuesday August 10 from 7PM to 9PM.

Veronica is a trained and world renowned circus performer with a wide range of skills and abilities. She is regarded as one of the best fire spinners. She travels the world showcasing her electrifying stunts and at the same time promoting hoop dance as a form of exercise. She has worked with Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, Jessica Biel, has toured with Britney Spears, and appeared on CSI NY, Budweiser Superbowl commercial, & the Jimmy Kimmel show. She is able to perform the art of fire eating, fire breathing, LED and fire hula hoop dancing, double staff, buugeng, fire baton, poi, and fire hoop minis.

This is all very impressive stuff and I plan to attend even though I am really not skilled with hoops. My hoop–crazed girlfriends are talking about the class as though the Beatles were coming to town. This is some pretty serious hype. We might as well learn from the best. She’s only in town the one day so take advantage of this amazing and rare chance to hoop with one of the world’s greatest.

The Kelowna workshop is open to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike and will feature a live DJ providing hoop-friendly beats. For those who wish to participate in the class, contact the host Heather Gordon via the Facebook event listing. For those not on Facebook, call or text Heather at 250-863-3066.

What: Hula Hoop workshop with the world’s greatest hooper
When: Tuesday August 10, 2010 7PM – 9PM
Where: Rotary Park Beach on Lakeshore near Playa Del Sol
Cost: $25.00 pp
Register via Facebook event listing: Hoop Workshop with KIT

KIT links, video, photos, and more:

Conduit presents: Festival Fun-Raiser!

This Friday (July 9th) at 9pm the doors of the Collective (266 Bernard Ave.) will be opened for a very radical art show featuring outstanding crafters, musicians, and artists.

Cop Car Bonfire, Felt Seams, and the Random Pants will be performing mind bending music.

One of the main features of the evening will be Gabe Cipes  speaking about the Bulrush Solution in the Gulf and the political situation they are facing to give them this solution.

There will be Organic Beer from Crannog, Organic Wine from Summerhill, and culinary delights abound.  Suggested admission is $8. Conduit is stoked to work with the Collective, United Artists and the Grass roots initiative to hold space for these happenings.

Please bring your friends, your open minds, and most imporatntly yourself to the Collective to take part in this evolutionary happening. Thank you for being awesome, hope to see you there!

If you have anything you would like to display or if you are looking for more info on the event please email

The Enchanted Hidden Forest

There is a buzz in Kelowna this time of year as people get excited about which festivals they plan to attend. Outdoor music festival culture in BC is unique. There is so much vast land to host such incredibly diverse and intimate productions. The passion and work of those who make them happen is remarkable. For those attending, these festivals are often a highlight of the year. We are truly spoiled.

Many of these events take place within a 30 to 60 minute drive of downtown Kelowna. They have minimal advertising and attract and “those who know” crowd and those who know like to keep the knowledge of these events a little underground.

There are typically no age restrictions at the shows and “party safe and have fun” is the attitude of all. There is a hired security team and a sense of everyone looking out for one another and making sure everyone is having fun. This attracts huge numbers of people who can attend with their older sisters or younger brothers, who often experience their first big event with live music. Some of the highlights at these festivals include live DJs, bands, MCs, and vocalist, huge stage productions with art pieces, incredible lighting and sound, live visuals, and room to dance. There are other things like hookah lounges, puppet shows, and a vendors’ area with great food, clothing, jewelry, hats, beads, and the likes of. Daytime workshops are scheduled for those looking to share and connect about things like spiritual healing, yoga, perhaps learn a little more about digital art and music. There are a whole bunch of how-to type classes on hula hooping, beading, Reiki massage, MCing and DJing basics, and all this is included in the admission price. It is truly amazing what a group of like-minded people can share.

Hidden2010 took place a few weeks ago. A large team of Kelowna event hosts teamed up to create edition number 4 of this music festival where urban arts and digital music come alive, only in the deep woods of BC and this year private land in Beaverdell was the playground. Folks from Kelowna arrived by the hundreds on Thursday afternoon to set up their prime camping spots. They met up with their friends from neighboring communities like Nelson, Grand Forks, Penticton, etc… Performers and festival-goers from as far East as Calgary and as far West as Vancouver made the long trek into the show. One of the highlight performances took place Friday night as France’s Dirty Phonics took to the stage with their 2 DJ and 1 MC live act. The performers were just as enthralled as the crowd. Their MC felt the love and said: “We can’t believe you people built this incredible show in the middle of nowhere. We’re in a forest! Look at all of you amazing people!” I couldn’t believe I was catching of the world’s best DJ acts live near Kelowna. A Hip Hop showcase on Saturday afternoon kept the daytime busy with rhymes, beats, break dancing, and live graffiti art. Saturday night played to host an array of favorites including Mat The Alien, Smalltown DJs, and Fresh Baked DJs who are all Shambhala Music Festival performers this summer. Hidden-goers came together for three days and two nights to celebrate the beginning of summer and dance under a starry sky and it was a darn good time.

Up next in the festival circuit in the Kelowna area is my pick of summer: Rustic Robot, also into its fourth year, which is taking place on Saturday July 24 in the back woods between Kelowna and Penticton. Local performers include awesome metal band DFY (my neighbours!) and Poor Little Rich Girl and DJs Chaosphere, DeeBass, and many others. Find them on Facebook in your Kelowna network.

If you want to enjoy dancing under the stars, look for information in underground. Hemp City on Bernard Ave is usually a hub of details as is a multitude of Facebook listings. Also, head to The Grateful Fed every Thursday night for Basswave with live locals DJs. These folk also know about the festivals, so make a friend, dance, and get your camping gear together for a summer of fun. There are a few more outdoor events coming up in August and we will take a peek at those in a future A-OK entry.


Photos by: Darth Raver and Tomas A.

Matt Good visits Kelowna – June 23, 2010

Matt Good

Matthew Good and his band graced Kelowna with his presence last Wednesday (June 23rd). He gave the sold out crowd at the Kelowna Community Theatre an amazing and memorable performance in classic Matt Good fashion.

Openers Elias (Vancouver, BC) wowed the crowd which is no surprise as they have been dubbed one of eight must-hear B.C. bands from Their alt/indie rock sound is comparable to bands like Muse and The Stills. If you want to catch them again they will be touring Canada this October with Pilot Speed.

(EDIT July 6th, 2010 @ 2:04pm: Elias’ tour with Pilot Speed was actually last fall, and while they would love to tour with them again, they have nothing scheduled thus far. Our apologizes to Elias for the mix up!)

Good opened with ‘The Boy Who Could Explode’ which I would like to say is one of my favorites but as his set went on I realized that all of his songs were favorites. Memorable moments include him forgetting the lyrics to one of his songs and having a fan come up onstage to jog his memory, Good’s recommendation of Los Angeles glam metal band Steel Panther (seriously, check them out), along with him playing a few old school classics like Apparitions.

There’s something about Matt Good that captivates a crowd. This was my first time seeing him live and I certainly don’t want it to be my last. If you’ve ever listened to him before then you know the caliber of his songwriting and I can easily say that it matches the caliber of his live performance. The first Matt Good song I ever heard was ‘Hello Time Bomb’ on Much Music’s ‘Big Shiny Tunes 4’ compilation. I was 10 at the time and I thought the song was so bad (lyrical pun intended) and raw so of course I was drawn to it. I picked up a copy of ‘Beautiful Midnight’ and have been hooked by his lyrical genius ever since.

No fan left unhappy, except for maybe the guy who demanded a refund after complaining about people standing in front of the stage blocking his view instead of remaining in their seats like good little robots – HELLO! It’s a rock show! I can’t wait to see what Matt Good has up his sleeve next and I bet you can’t either.

Photo credit: Corey from Union Events – he’s a great promoter, that’s why he’s not a photographer.

Kate Miller-Heidke, Pre-Canaday Party

Happy 143rd, Canada, it’s your birthday!

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Kate Miller-Heidke on her first North American tour at Habitat. Her first time in Kelowna, she performed an acoustic set and didn’t know what to expect really. I have her album where she has a full band and was expecting a more laid-back show, but that wasn’t the case at all. Miller-Heidke’s stage presence coupled with her unreal vocal range annihlated all my expectations for the night. From the moment she took the stage she owned the room, roaring laughter to emotional high-school nostalgia within three songs. There was even an operatic ‘Toxic’ cover which I’m sure you can find on YouTube somewhere…

Kate Miller-Heidke

Between Kate, her opener (Vancouver local, Jody Glenham) and a pint of my favourite Tree Brewing Raspberry Porter, it was a perfect pre-Canada Day opener, now onto the long weekend! If you have nothing going on, City Park is going to be buzzing today. Bands like Poor Little Rich Girl, Fields of Green, DFY and more! Or check out DJ Sticky Buds tonight at Cush! Mayhaps we’ll run into each other!

Treelines CD Release Party(s)

I ran into friend Matt Kelly, member of local band Treelines, yesterday afternoon and he let me know they have a couple upcoming shows in order to properly share their new CD with everyone! They’re playing two shows with other Kelowna talent Kingdom Cloud and Patrick Kelly (Matt’s younger brother)

  • June 29th at O’Flannigans $10 at 8:00 w/ Kingdom Cloud
  • July 2nd at Mars Hill Cafe $8 at 7:00 w/ Midnight & Patrick Kelly

Unfortunately I won’t be around for the show on the 2nd, but I’ll see you out at O’Flannigans June 29th!

Kelowna band, 2010 Polaris Music Prize nominee

Our sister site,, recently ran a piece on the Polaris Music Prize nominees and about how many artists were Vancouver-based. They go on to explain how the Prize is “a music award annually given to the best full-length Canadian album based on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales, or record label” and it’s a fantastic honour and a great way to spread the love we already have for these bands to new folks.

While the post was focused on bands that are ‘based’ in Vancouver, one of them was calling Kelowna home years before that and we want to send our congratulations to Yukon Blonde! The long list of 40 will be cut down and the short listed bands—of which only 10 will remain—will be announced on July 6th, with the grand prize winner being announced September 20th.

Our fingers are crossed for our boys!