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Summer has definitely come to a close, but we knew it would, that was never the real point. This whole summer we challenged you to take part in a summer story; one where where we could all contribute to a visual diary of Endless Summer in the Awesome Okanagan. (Find out more about what we hoped to share with you!) We lovingly referred to this little project by its Twitter hashtag, the #aokendlesssummer.

We’re back with our 5th and final Edition of the photos you’ve shared and that we’ve documented. So even though we know it’s a short time before the leaves start to turn (Silver Star and Big White already had snow this year!) we can look back at the warm months and memories in sweet recollection. Look back on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Edition’s now!

trevneill captures the essence of Canadian Summers

willy_jollymore was involved with Lulu Lemon in Kelowna before he left to work for them in Australia, here’s yoga from his perspective

caseylynnf hahahah duck bum.

kimathomas makes a visit back to the Okanagan from San Fransisco and shares her adventures in a way only she can

timfeeny rounds out our summer with a perfect sunset at the El


It started out as a hashtag but it quickly became our mantra. A battle cry in the middle of the night, the quickest way to ward off bad vibes and hard times. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had this kind of feeling where you aren’t able to truly express exactly how you feel at a given moment, but I have that pretty often. Sometimes I get really effing excited, like so excited I think my eyes might pop out of my head, and that isn’t even hyperbole. I literally had that happen to me last weekend.

But sometimes you feel a love, or a passion, or just an amazing feeling that you want to share or explain but you feel powerless to do so. It’s frustrating. I’m not always that great at speaking or writing to express fully myself, or at least, I don’t feel what I’m saying can adequately deliver the soul of what I hope to convey. A lack of or failure to communicate.

I feel that video has become that medium for me. The mix of motion pictures, sometimes funny quotes, visually tender moments and just the right song are—what I can only assume is—the best way to spell out how I feel about something.

#summer2012 became more than just a hashtag. It was a thousand million moments, rigorously lived and completely embraced. It was challenges, and refusing to give up. It was seizing the day, and often annihilating the night. It was fake bands, road trips, swimming, live music, sunshine (and more than a few sunrises), surprises, animal costumes, pool parties, and saying “Yes.” #summer2012 wasn’t even only ours.

Early in the year my friends and I found ourselves bumping into people who felt the exact same way. “There’s something different about this year. Something in the air.” People could feel it and #summer2012 had a wonderful sound to it, almost eloquent. #summer2011 didn’t look as nice written down, and no one much cared for the sounds of #summer1992, everything just seemed to line up. Maybe it’s because we’ll all be dead by December 21st (right?!), maybe it was a fluke.

But maybe #summer2012 has been one of the best summers of our lives. And just maybe you felt the same way too.

More Farmer’s Markets!

Some events are so much a part of our communities fabric that we take them for granted. If someone approached you and told you about an event that has over 60 vendors, 5000 attendees each week, and features family activities all summer long you would be flabbergasted.

Our farmers market is a great example of one of those events. It is one of the largest farmers markets in the BC Interior. I dropped by the market earlier this summer and interviewed Bob Callioux. Here’s the interview and a snapshot of one of our most popular local weekly events.

Kelowna Farmers & Crafters Market – Kelowna
April to October
Wednesdays & Saturdays: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Dilworth Dr & Springfield Rd

West Kelowna Outdoor Market
Saturdays: 8am-1pm
2466 Main Street

Penticton Farmers Market
May through October
Saturdays: 8:30 am – noon

Peachland Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market
May to September
Sundays: 10 am – 2 pm
Heritage Park, between Okanagan Lake and Beach Avenue

Osoyoos Market on Main – Osoyoos
June through August
Saturdays: 8 am – 1 pm
Town Square, Main St

Oliver Country Market A’Fair – Oliver
June to October
Saturdays: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Lions Park – Hwy 97N

Armstrong Farmer’s Market – Armstrong BC
April – November
Saturdays: 8 am – noon
Location: Armstrong IPE Fairgrounds

Lake Country Farmers Market – Lake Country
June to September
Fridays: 3 pm – 7 pm
10090 Bottom Wood Lake Rd


We’ve challenged you to take part in a summer story; one where where we can all contribute to a visual diary of Endless Summer in the Awesome Okanagan. (Find out more about what we want to share with you!) We lovingly refer to this little project by its Twitter hashtag, the #aokendlesssummer.

We’re back with our 4th Edition of the photos you’ve shared. Catch up on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Edition’s now!

cdub5 takes a break at the beach before he hits the gym

nikkimpid gets ready for Keloha

devonlougheed (beekeeper, Hey Ocean!) makes sure his pedal board is ready for Keloha

hughjeego captures a view of Keloha most people didn’t see. Not sure if we should tell you which artist this is or watch you try and guess??

nicogroove captures his air balloon video shoot with arilovesit

Rip it Up! Wakeboard & Water Ski Okanagan Lake

Came across this video yesterday. Equal parts adorable and kick-ass, Chris Wheeler (a.k.a. 48HourTraveller) produced this short clip on Okanagan Lake.

In his words:

Summertime in the Thompson Okanagan region is unreal with tons of activities… especially water ones! Boating around wakeboarding & water skiing and enjoying cottage life or one of the many lake resorts is the way to go. Perfect for a group of friends or the family. You can just chill and swim in this gorgeous lake or, as my 2 year old niece Nya says while boating, you can also “Rip it Up!”

Read more here or follow his blog.

Keloha 2012 – Part 4: Keloha and Goodbye

The 4th and final part of a 4 part web-series about Keloha Music & Art Festival’s inaugural year. We were backstage with some of Canada (and the world’s) most-talented, emerging artists. The A-OK team literally put blood, sweat and tears into this weekend keeping up with all the activity (and shenanigans) and can’t wait to show you some of what we saw over the weekend.

For Part 4 Wet Ape, Pyper & A-OK introduce you to more of the great talent performing the festival including We Are The City, Said the Whale, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, The Pack A.D., The Boom Booms, Thomas Kjorven, Devon Coyote, Kytami (a surprise re-appearance of Hey Ocean!), Rocky Mountain Rebel Music, Jon & Roy and festival founder Scott Emslie. They wax lyrically about the event and how no one can to wait for next year.

Music by Graffiti6, their song “Stare Into the Sun”
and by Cold War Kids, their song “Audience.”

Riot on the Roof 2012

Article Submitted by Kirsten Barkved / Submit Your Own Article

Things to do for August:

  • BBQ’s
  • Road trips
  • Planking on beaches
  • Avoid eye contact with September
  • Play hooky from awkward family reunion with sweaty Aunt Muriel
  • Attend Vernon Public Art Gallery’s 4th annual Riot on the Roof.

What was that last one?
If you haven’t already heard, the Vernon Public Art Gallery is gearing up for its annual summer send off party, Riot on the Roof, August 25th, colonizing the top two floors of the downtown Vernon Parkade. This amazing community event features some of the Okanagan’s finest and most talented artists, performers and musicians.


Established to fill a need in the community for some alternative art for the older youth of Vernon, Riot transforms the downtown Parkade into a threshold of unique and unconventional venue.

“We wanted to really build on our audience this year,” says Kirsten Barkved, Youth Ambassador for VPAG, and coordinator for Riot. “The more people we can bring out to this event, the better we can support our artists. The gallery really tries to drive that point home every year: that art is significant, and support for it is crucial. It plays such a huge part in everyone’s lives, in so many everyday ways, and Riot tries to showcase that.”

Everyone at the gallery has been working hard all summer at generating such an audience, and the enthusiasm for this event continues to grow. It’s easy to see why, when you look at exactly who and what will be at Riot on the Roof.

Devon Coyote, Windmills, Van Damsel, Joyful Door and Paperboy. Sharing the rooftop with these talented performers is a Calgary designer and mixed media artist, Mackenzie Jones, whose work has appeared in L.A, Vancouver Fashion Week and Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week. Her work will appear in Riot’s Wearable Art Fashion Show.

The evening also promises ‘soundcan’ performances from UBC-O’s Neil Cadger and students, film screenings from UBC-O’s Michael V. Smith and students, body art from Dawn Tyndall, mural painting from Kelowna’s Tandem Studios, installation art, appearances by Kevin McPhereson Eckhoff and Jake Kennedy, poetry and spoken word readings, dance, door prizes, and so much more!

Now, what were your plans again for August?
Tickets $5, or $10 which gets you year-long VPAG membership, not to mention it goes to support your local artists, musicians and performers.

Where: Vernon Parkade (3228 31 Avenue, Vernon)
When: Saturday, August 25th – 7:00 PM—11:00 PM
How Much: $5 / $10 for  Year-long VPAG Membership
For: Everyone

Event page on Facebook
Riot on the Roof blog

Fashionate: Beach bag ESSENTIALS!

The Okanagan boasts some of the hottest festivals in all of western Canada throughout the summer months. Often we try and remember all we need to stay cool, and fashionable, yet most of the time we find ourselves wishing we had brought that extra cover for the after party.

When packing for the beach, a festival or a boat party you want to make sure you don’t leave home without your essentials.

First and foremost sunscreen is the number one thing we need to protect our skin and keep us looking young. A spray sunscreen works the best, as you don’t get streaks and it won’t leave your clothing or bathing suit oily. If you don’t believe in sunscreen make sure your at least using a fragrance free (keeps the bugs away) body lotion with SPF 15 in it before you leave the house in the morning.

You won’t want to leave home without your favourite bikini, summer 2012 has presented some of the hottest bathing suits to date. A personal favourite for a carefree and sexy look is the fringed suit; for reduced tan lines opt for a strapless bikini with underwire or boning in it to keep it up! TK COUTURE is a locally trained bathing suit stylist who has shown her work all over Canada and the States; she is the GO-TO girl for custom bathing suits.

Sandals are an absolute must when venturing out, to take your look from day to night; gear away from a classic flip flop and choose a suede gladiator sandal, or a low wedge so your transformation will be effortless after a day at the beach.  Your dress of choice should be a light fabric that you can roll up and won’t wrinkle easily, after being stowed away all day. A great day-to-night dress is a high-low dress that you can create a waistline with a roped belt. Mac D’s recently opened downtown on Bernard and they are home to some amazingly sexy summer dresses!  You won’t look like you have spent the day in the middle of a sand covered dance floor.








To top of your Bag of goodies you need to remember your favourite oil to run through your locks to freshen up for the evening. Shu Uemura Essence Absolute is a protective hair oil designed to freshen any hair texture!

A top knot is the BEST hairstyle you can imagine; wrap your hair into a knot in the morning while your hair is still damp, and rock out all day, when you are ready to hit the dance floor unravel your locks and you will have that beachy wave we all dream of!

*To contact TISA of TK COUTURE visit her Facebook page