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Fashionate: Gypsy Soul – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

When you walk into the Gypsy Soul showroom a sense of freedom and pure bliss takes over you. Infused with incense and warm and welcoming energy, Chelsea and Brandi take you back to the markets of Northern Goa, Bombay and many more with the finest silks, and beautiful jewelry lining the walls.


A signature to their brand; the ali baba pants, made in a light and cool cotton fabric, or draping your body in gorgeous Indian silks these are the ultimate versatile pant. They can be worn low on the hips or pulled up to accentuate the waste. At first glance the unique pants look like a long flowing skirt, especially if they are dressed up with a beautiful blouse, or paired with a one of a kind gypsy soul crochet top. They will be a staple in any girls wardrobe this summer.


Gypsy soul is all original designs with only one or two pieces of each made, so you know the whole festival won’t have the same cotton leg trouser, or pocket pants.

Each design is made with love, with finishing touches done right here in the Okanagan Valley. Chelsea and Brandi wanted to bring the Indian culture and incorporate it into the Kelowna lifestyle of easy carefree, summer living.

One of my favourite designs is a pair of ali baba’s made from two completely different sari fabrics. This is such an elegant piece. The pants are almost like a piece of art they are so beautiful, and you feel so much of the culture coming through when you are wearing the pants. These are truly one of a kind, and what girl wouldn’t want to feel whimsical in a one of a kind garment!


Beyond the magnificent pants the girls have tirelessly been designing over the past few months, they have launched the romper, which is so versatile, and can really be worn any way you like. They have also designed the perfect shoulder bag; of course in true Indian style, covered in sequins! A top seller already, the crochet top could be work over a taupe camy with a body con peplum skirt, or with your favourite pair of Gypsy soul pants and a sexy bra to complete your gypsy look.

If clothing is not your forte you will find a piece of jewelry to fit any mood. From absolutely stunning gold and jeweled bangles to beautiful beaded necklaces there is a piece for any occasion. They combine casual with glamour seamlessly and it makes the items very interchangeable.


What started out as an innocent journey to India, turned into the experience of a lifetime for the two beautiful wanderers. Brought together through a love of fashion and a big dream the girls embraced the Indian culture and immersed themselves deep into the markets of India. In true Okanagan style Gypsy Soul was born over a bottle wine, and what started out as an idea, has grown into a beautiful budding empire. Gypsy soul is your bohemian clothing line that you can dress up with a pair of chunky sandals or wear over your favourite bikini to the best festivals Canada has to offer.

With prices in the Gypsy soul line ranging from $30-$75 there is a piece for everybody.

Through the course of 2013 Gypsy Soul can be seen at various market and festivals throughout B.C. and Alberta. All events are posted on the Gypsy Soul Facebook page, you can also request a viewing of their stunning showroom through the page as well.


Fashionate: Emerald Green; The Energizing Color of 2013

It’s a new year, which means new beginnings! We are about to enter one of the most beautiful and inspirational seasons of the year: Spring! It is my favourite season for finding inspiration for my fashion forecast with  bright colors coming back to life through mother nature.


The colour of spring 2013 is emerald green. This is a very energizing lively colour that you can incorporate into any aspect of your life. Many of us feel as though we cannot ‘pull off’ certain colours. Perhaps you wear your Emerald green in the form of a fabulous new bag, or as your new mani color. Although this is a bold color for the season it represents a fresh new start. Pair this color with effortless frocks that easily fall away from your body, such as a soft silk maxi dress with a leather jacket.


Emerald Green is paired beautifully with a muted down jade, or luminescent white. These colors will add so much freshness to your outfit. For a night out pair your favourite new green tone with a metallic silver fringe bag, or Monacoe Blue pumps. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple colors, if worn properly they will compliment each other fabulously.

Purchasing new clothing each season can become expensive, and many of us don’t have the budget to support that, although some of us shop as though we do! A great way to be a trend setter and incorporate the seasons hottest style is through your jewelry. Your LBD is never going to go out of style, so change up your arm candy and necklaces to bring your favourite dress up-to-date! Green pearls, a blinding cocktail ring, or a jeweled emerald cuff will modernize just about any outfit.


Frakas is your ‘costume’ jewelry headquarters, with each piece priced right and hot on trend. Functional also boasts some amazing finds for the best trends of the season! Don’t let the winter blues get you down, get our and explore our beautiful boutiques to customize your own personal style!

Fashionate: Stay Warm and Look Cool

We are heading into the most cold and grey season of the year but we cannot let our personal style be affected by the cooler weather. Luckily Kelowna has a mecca of adorable boutiques to keep you trendy and warm.

First; start at your feet even if you can’t rock your favourite stilettos in the middle of January the right boots will pull any look together. Boots can dress up leggings and a sweater or complete your sequin dress. If you are going to be walking in the snow and ice make sure your boots come equipped with good traction! You will need a bold pair of tights or leggings to go with your boots and Blonde store on Bernard avenue Downtown Kelowna is your tights and and leggings headquarters. They carry everything from your bold Aztec print to simple solid black.


I always like to pair vintage and new items, especially when large wool sweaters are involved. Kelowna is host to many adorable and unique vintage and second hand stores. Frock, Georgia Girl and Tweaked and Yummy are among the top 3, all located downtown and in the cultural district of Kelowna.

Scarves and Accessories will be your best friend during the cold winter months. They can add a pop of colour to just about any outfit! Man + Woman, located in Orchard Park, is your accessory headquarters! They have everything from gorgeous Pashmina’s to one of a kind jewelry pieces. They are a MUST stop on your shopping adventures.

Whether you are heading up to Big White for the weekend or strolling down Bernard you can find unique fun pieces from our very own local shops to keep you warm until we get our Okanagan sun back!!

Fashionate: Saying Farewell to 2012 – Top 10 Trends

The world of fashion does not end at shoes and the clothes we wear on our backs. Fashion spills over into hair trends, technology trends and even lifestyle trends. As the year comes to a close I have narrowed down my favourite trends of 2012.

2012 was a great year for fashion evolution from the hair we wear to the gadgets we love to carry. As we ring in 2013 we take a look back at the memorable looks and styles that defined our year.

10. Chelsea Boots: Every single girl I know has a variation of the Chelsea boot. Whether they are new and fresh, suede, or worn in for years these  boots are the ultimate wardrobe staple this year.


9. Boyfriend blouse: Another must have item. Over-sized with leggings, tucked in, or studded out. This was an ultimate trend setter by the celebrities this year!

8. Ombre Hair: A slow start for this trend in Kelowna but Ombre hair has ended 2012 strong. Dramatic or subtle this is a great technique for our long haired bellas, easily transformed into 2013.


7. Top Knot: The most effortless, yet stylish hair-do of the year. Girls with long or medium hair have been rocking this style out all year whether you are hitting the best new years party in town with a perfectly coiffed top bun, or you are running errands with a pile on top of your head this is one of my absolute favourite looks this year!

6. Colored Denim: This denim trend has quickly become a wardrobe staple. Dress your jeans up or down with your favourite chelsea boots, or studded pumps these have joined the legging family and won’t be leaving our closets for years to come, for both men AND women!

colored denim

5. Men’s Sleek Haircuts: Undercut and slicked back has made a comeback in a very modern way. We LOVE these cuts on men. Each and every guy can pull this cut off in different variations. This is a cut that will spill over into 2013 for sure!

4. Studs/Spikes: This was a slightly more bold trend this year that didn’t catch on in a big way in Kelowna. I love the studded accents on a structured boyfriend blazer or spiked leather heels.

3. Skulls: Happy skulls, angry skulls, big or small, anything skull goes this year!


2. Instagram: Since it’s purchase by social networking giant Facebook, Instagram really exploded this year. Individuals can express themselves through snapshots of their lives. This social tool has shaped the world of fashion, technology, food and entertainment! (@NikkiMPid and @awesomeokanagan just in case you were wondering!)

1. Oxblood Red: This is the new black. Love this colour on anybody!!

See you all in 2013, Stay tuned for my trend report early January!! Xo- Nikki

Fashionate: Shake Off the Winter Blues

I think we can all agree ’tis the season of feeling run down, and drab. Whether you are sick of your hair colour or feel like you need a whole new wardrobe winter is a time when our skin is less that radiant and our hair is lackluster. I have 5 ‘Pick-me-up’ tips that will turn your winter blues around!

1. Release Tension. Indulge in a deeply calming scalp treatment to release tightness and create a healthy environment that promotes oxygen reaching your follicles. This is prevent dry, itchy flakes and lack luster hair. Top it off with a moisturizing colour gloss to enhance your colour and have mirror like shine!

2. Moisturize your skin. This is the time of season moisturizing is most important to maintain radiant glowing skin, especially after our beautiful okanagan tans have faded away. Lather yourself with a moisturizer or better yet, body butter post shower. Your skin will absorb more when it is still softened and warm from the water.

3. Don’t be afraid of color! I always notice as winter wears on our wardrobes become more muted. Don’t be afraid to add colour and brighten up your day! Experiment with a royal blue blouse or canary yellow blazer. Pair it with a grey cotton tank or deep toned scarf to winterize it.

4. Get outside. Fresh air will instantly revive. Embrace the country we live in and get outside, try cross-country skiing, skating or even a walk alone mission creek. You will be sure to feel better after a day spent outdoors.

5. Take care of yourself. December is a very busy time for lots of people and we tend to burn ourselves out. Replace your coffee with energizing tea and don’t forget to take your vitamins! Have lots of rest remember to take the time and enjoy the holidays with your friends! It is a time to celebrate family and friends, and there is no better cure than laughing!

Fashionate: A-OK Wild Heart

Last week my team and I at Loyal Hair Therapy partnered with Awesome Okanagan to throw you A-OK Wild Heart- a fall fashion show. We wanted to show off all the local talent we have to offer when it comes to fashion. Man + Woman was our feature store, showing you what’s hot for your staple winter wear. We topped off the night with a little sass from Frakas and featured 3 very different looks you could wear during the holiday season!

Man+Woman featured fidelety demin, bb dakota tops and an assortment of beautiful real leather bags, just to name a few. They showed off you can dress warm, comfortable and casual while still setting the tone of what’s hot in fashion.  Changing your regular jeans into a pair of high waisted skinny’s with chelsea boots, a black tank and a biker jacket can turn an everyday outfit into a fashion forward look.







Man+Woman also features men’s clothing that will modernize any man in your life!







Frakas featured three different options for the holiday season; showing off you can wear pants and still be dressed up to the nines. Paring leather with silk, or lace with satin, combining different fabrics within your holiday outfit will set you apart from your co-workers.

A-OK also featured the seasons hottest hair trends. Braids were very dominant on the Runway during the evening and these  can be easily transformed looks into your holiday party looks! Rockabilly is back stronger than ever with a twist, a smooth roll with a textured braid or curls will modernize your look instantly.

Our goal for the evening was to Raise some money for H.O.P.E, bring the amazing community together and show off our local talent! We hope it inspired you to shop local and support the Awesome Okanagan that we live in!

Visit Man + Woman in the mall or Frakas (Located next to Urban Fair) for all of your holiday shopping needs!

Photography by Chris from Clear Images Photography. To check out the rest of the photo gallery visit us on Facebook!

Fashionate: Goes to New York… And Experiences a Natural Disaster

My vision of writing about NYC involved all of my amazing one of a kind purchases from cute old second hand and vintage stores, paired with a designer dress from a one-of-a-kind boutique found nestled in Greenwich Village or Soho. Unfortunately my experience in New York was far from my vision, although still an amazing experience.

NYC has this energizing pulse when you walk through the streets, even with a hurricane approaching I still felt more alive than I have in years. As I explored Central Park, Times Square, and 5th Avenue on Saturday I had no worries in the world, except what pair of shoes I should choose (I went for animal print ankle boots). As we sat on an outdoor patio in Soho enjoying the warm fall breeze and a glass of full bodied red, we had no idea our easy-going trip was about to take a turn for the worse. I woke up on Sunday morning and the air had changed, it was eerie out with a dark cloud looming over us. I arrived at my L’Oreal Professional course to do advanced cutting, expecting to join about 30 other peers. Only 3 people showed up, we were all from out of town! They announced shortly after the course would be cancelled due to the expected Hurricane to hit. At this point I was beginning to think we were in for the greatest adventure of our lives. They followed up with the announcement letting us know the subways were shutting down at 7:00pm that evening. I thought to myself, the whole city is shutting down because of Sandy. My dreams of skipping through the cobble stone streets of Soho were shattered.

We walked through the empty and eery dark streets to reach Little Italy to find a couple of restaurants still open, and enjoyed a very large and delicious Italian meal. After stocking up on wine, snacks, and water we headed back to the hotel. The buzz in the lobby was overwhelming. Everybody you met, or spoke to had a different story or theory of what we were to expect 24 hours from now.

As Monday came into full swing, it looked like a typical autumn day outside; rain and slight winds. Unless you looked at the sky you would never have noticed a looming darkness headed our way. A glance down a regularly busy street to only to find it completely empty, store fronts boarded up, sandbags hugging tight. We waited with the other hotel guests in the lobby, the energy was positive and there was anticipation and excitement in the air.

Then the power went out.

This was the moment I realized it was actually happening and we may in fact be in a slight amount of trouble. The winds picked up and we sat in darkness and waited. You could hear it howling and blowing anything in its way down. Water rushing into subway systems and flooding any building in its path. 4 million people lost power, thousands lost their homes, businesses were shut down indefinitely. The next morning with the power still out and no food left we were advised to find other accommodations where there was heat, power and water up town. ‘Anything above 34th street’. We were now in a race with 4 million other people to find a place to live. A task normally made easy with the aide of technology, but when all our amazing technology fails suddenly becomes a difficult and daunting task. We hailed a lone gypsy cab and overpaid by about $30 to head into the light. After a very, very long process a total stranger helped us get a hotel room and for a moment we were pleased. Our next task was getting a flight out.

Seeing the damage, having been in the middle of it, the surreal experience started to fade and I realized that at the very least I still had a home to fly to. A job to return to. I felt terrible for being so selfish, for not thinking of the millions still living in darkness (not enough hotels), the thousands homeless and jobless. Central Park had extensive damage, a crane that was hanging by a thread threatened hundreds of businesses. Even with all of this, the air and energy was still liberating. NYC can make it through anything.

It was a life experience and I came away feeling so inspired and I can’t wait to go back!

Fashionate: Cozy Up with Frakas

Walking through the doors of Frakas Boutique I was instantly transformed. It has a bit city feel with small town attitude, the girls are beyond friendly and the clothing is trendsetting and fashion forward. We all want to feel cozy and comfortable as the darkness sets in and the air chills our bone, yet we don’t want to compromise our signature style, whatever that may be.






Frakas has something to warm every Kelowna girl from head to toe.  When you set foot inside, neat and   organized racks will greet you, with only one size of each garment!  The warm winter wear Frakas is carrying this year, is runway worthy with warm cropped knits, or long over sized sweaters to pair with your favourite pair of printed leggings, A seasonal must have is your favourite Aztec, or animal thick cotton legging. Pair it with a contrasting printed top, or a muted coloured sweater. Deep burgundy, ox blood, or ruby red are your choice ‘red’ tones for winter. The darker hues with purple undertone can be paired with hunter green, royal blue, mustard yellow or your classic black, giving you many wearable options. Colour block knits are plentiful at Frakas this year, carrying the ‘mod’ look into the 2013 fashion season.






Once you have your tops and bottoms you can dress them up or down with accessories. Frakas has some of THE BEST jewellery in Kelowna when you are looking for affordable pieces to make your outfit unique. Adding a collar necklace to your favourite sweater to give a preppy look, or a spiked bracelet with an oversized cocktail ring to bring out you inner rock goddess.

Don’t forget November 23rd is their annual shopping night! Stay tuned for more details!!