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Fashionate: Beauty Trends 2012

As the leaves change colour and the air cools down, our fall fashion trends take a turn into warmer deeper hues. From clothing to boots to new hair trends Autumn is in full swing. These are my top Hair/Make-up trends I am loving.

The ‘NEW’ Ombre: Ombre hair is one of the fastest growing hair techniques ever and we are not going to see it go away anytime soon. Staying on trend with the changing of the season we are seeing warmer hues on the ends with balayage being brought up closer to the root.



Bold Lips: Fresh faced make-up paired with an intense bold lip is all the rage this season. Make sure you choose a hue that suits your skin. Just because you see a deep plum does not mean you can pull it off. The undertone of the lip colour should compliment your skin tone.  Try some different tones on until you find the one for you!



Sketched on Lashes: This is a BOLD look and I would not recommend it for everyday wear, but to glam up for your Christmas party this look is too chic.




Hair Jewelry: I LOVE this trend. Bling for your hair will glam up any outfit or hairstyle. Just make sure you don’t over kill it with cheesy diamonds or have to much going on within your piece.










Try one or all of my favourite trends this season and you will be sure to wow the crowd!

Fashionate: The Fashion Show 2012

On September 22 the Kelowna Community Theatre held the 2nd annual ‘Fashion Show’ hosted by the Centre for Arts and Technology events and fashion students. I had the opportunity to attend both last year and again this year to view the collections of the creative graduating fashion students. Each and every girl has a unique style that sets them apart from the rest.

Nicola Treat, Jill Setah, Andrea Witschen, and Johann Kreiger showed their collections along side local boutiques; Ashpalt Shoes, Raw 69, Bella Clothing, The Wardrobe, La Belle, and the newly relocated Dlux boutique.

Nicola’s inspiration for her collection comes from nature. Each draped dress is hand dyed and beaded by Nicola herself. She makes truly beautiful garments and you will find the perfect maxi for a stroll along your favourite beach front this winter!

Andrea’s collection had the most edge of all the collections. Her line showed off a stunning quilted leather skirt along with an edgy floor length silk gown, just to name a few! Her badass vibe paired with natural elegance is the perfect style to dress yourself up for a night out on the town.

Jill has a passion for her Native Canadian culture and she expressed that through her clothing on Saturday. She took her inspiration from her heritage and transformed it into fashion forward pieces that tell a story. Truly amazing work.

Last but not least we were presented with Johanna’s collection. Specializing in one-of-a-kind wedding gowns, each dress tells a unique and interesting story.

Not only did these 4 up and coming designers showcase their best work, Kelowna’s hottest boutiques boasted their favourite fashion’s of the season. Check out their websites and then head down to location to find the best in fall fashions!

Fashionate: Meets Man + Woman

I have to admit, when I initially heard about a new store opening in the mall I figured it was just another chain filling up space. When I met up with my fashionista girlfriend who is a stylist for the new and stylish Man + Woman I was over joyed with the chic new store that has come into our lives. The stylish owners wanted to introduce us to a lifestyle insipred store that blends both Men and Women’s wear together. They have everything including; furniture, one of a kind housewares, and unique jewellery that will have you coming back for more.

This is your ‘staple’ headquarters, boding pieces for your wardrobe that will last multiple seasons and go with endless outfits. Blouses that can be dressed up or down and denim that has converted even the most skeptical man.  Although you will find many timeless pieces when you walk the doors, as you make your way over to the accessories, or jewelery counter you will find unique one-of-a-kind pieces that your friends will be begging you to borrow. Re-finished antique necklaces or resin sealed Bamboo braclets are just a few of the OTT cool jewels they have in store. The perfect gift or just a regular Friday you will find a piece for anybody.







Man + Woman believes in supporting local business and boasts many designers direct from Vancouver. This is just one of many reasons to check out the chic new store.

Whether you want to stop traffic, set a trend or have a simply look the part there is something for everyone in store. Stop in and see one of the experienced fashion stylists for all your lifestyle needs, located next to Sears in Orchard Park Mall.

Fashionate: 5 Items you Must Have this Autumn/Winter

Summer 2012 is coming to a close, and the ONLY positive thing I can make of these sad times is the fact that Fall/Winter 2012 fashion is taking us by storm and the trends are to die for this year. Fall/Winter 2012 is all about statement pieces with your staple wardrobe. There are SO many to choose from, but these are the TOP 5!

1. Leather: How To wear it: Make sure it’s REAL. Pair a leather skirt with a light chiffon blouse, or cropped structured blazer.  Where: This look can be dressed up or down, pair it with tights and Italian booties, or a sleek pair of pumps for an autumn get together.



2. Abstract/Geometric prints: Who- Anybody that dares to make a statement, I have seen everything from leggings to tops and I believe in this trend less is more. If you are going to wear this trend make sure you commit 100% and wear a complete look. Get the look: Pair a geo-T with your favourite pair of (now staple) coloured skinny, a pair of calf lace up boots and your favourite arm candy. A chain link strapped bag would perfect his look.

3. Burgundy: SEASON FAVOURITE- When I started noticing this colour trend I was ECSTATIC. This colour looks fantastic on literally ANYBODY, and it can be worn in so many different pieces. A maroon sheeth dress with a shade lighter tights and lace up italian booties is beyond chic and sexy this season. Fashion Tip** Coming two 2012 trends into one and wear your XL structured coat in a deep burgundy colour to get you through the cooler days.

Where to find this look: Joe Fresh has a FANTASTIC XL trench coat this season, or check out Blonde for the latest dresses and accessories.

4. Baroque: This is a tough look to pull off; if you can do it without looking like your grandmothers blinds it will be a fall favourite. How: Less is ALWAYS more with baroque, keep the colours neutral and the pattern to a minimum, do NOT wear it on more than one piece of clothing at a time. The safest way to integrate this into your wardrobe would be with a blazer paired with a VERY neutral, even black outfit underneath.

Where to find this look: Check your favourite vintage/thrift stores for a classic baroque jacket. Tweaked and Yummy, Frock or the Salvation army are all fabulous places to search!

5. Boots: There are SO many different boots to choose from and you can almost follow your instinct and your personal style for your boot choice, but a new favourite of the season are textured boots; leather and suede, or fur and patent. They will go with any outfit and can take you from running errands to a vino night at your favourite wine bar. Where to buy this look: Ashfalt shoes is your Kelowna shoe head quarters. You can also check out downtown shoes for your favourite fall finds.

Add any or all of these pieces to your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to experiment. A splash or a statement, however your style speaks, remember to enjoy, experiment, and have fun!

Fashionate: 7 Days, 7 Different Ways

As a stylist I am always looking for the next best thing when It comes to my hair. From pixie to pink I have had everything. My latest vision was long luscious locks to get me through the Okanagan Summer. One problem; I have hair to my ears and it grows like a snail. When L’Oreal Professional teamed with Gail Betts to introduce the G Wave  I was beyond thrilled! I did an experiment and wore it for seven days in seven different ways to demonstrate how amazing this simple three clip system really is! I had so much fun doing this and it was a great way to inspire a new outfit everyday as well. I found myself trying new clothing combinations with my new hair!

This is my natural length of hair before my G Wave is put in!





Day 1: Not my best work. It was hard to get used to and I wasn’t sure how to pin it in to properly hide my hair, although the non trained eye had NO clue it was fake!




Day 2: I clipped the entire piece on the right side of my head creating a cascading  style to the side. I clipped my natural hair back using bobby pins. I liked this style WAY more than day 1.



Day 3: The moment I had been dreaming of; wearing a TOP KNOT! It may seem crazy but I have never had hair long enough to pull this off! It was not the LHT team favourite though. My baby hairs kept falling out all day! Hair tip: French braid from the nape up to your top knot of you have shorter hair in the back it will give your look a unique twist and help to secure those tiny hairs.


Day 4: This was a LHT team favourite! I clipped my piece to the right side again and simple incorporated my natural hair in with the extensions and make a fun braid that was loosely tied for a relaxed yet chic look.



Day 5: I went for a fun up-do today, another style I have never been able to achieve. Even with longer hair my hair is too fine to pin into a nice up-do. I was thrilled to see how easy it was to pin up and the style stayed for my entire 12 hour shift and then for a night out!



Day 6: The first time I wore it all down. It was 30 degrees outside so it made me nervous but I was able to wear it all day without feeling to hot.



Day 7: This is one of my FAVOURITE ways to wear my Gee Wig. Center part with a low wavy pony. I feel youthful and sophisticated at the same time and I was able to wear it all day at work without fussing and head straight out with the girls. I was inspired by the 70’s with this look.

Fashionate: Beach bag ESSENTIALS!

The Okanagan boasts some of the hottest festivals in all of western Canada throughout the summer months. Often we try and remember all we need to stay cool, and fashionable, yet most of the time we find ourselves wishing we had brought that extra cover for the after party.

When packing for the beach, a festival or a boat party you want to make sure you don’t leave home without your essentials.

First and foremost sunscreen is the number one thing we need to protect our skin and keep us looking young. A spray sunscreen works the best, as you don’t get streaks and it won’t leave your clothing or bathing suit oily. If you don’t believe in sunscreen make sure your at least using a fragrance free (keeps the bugs away) body lotion with SPF 15 in it before you leave the house in the morning.

You won’t want to leave home without your favourite bikini, summer 2012 has presented some of the hottest bathing suits to date. A personal favourite for a carefree and sexy look is the fringed suit; for reduced tan lines opt for a strapless bikini with underwire or boning in it to keep it up! TK COUTURE is a locally trained bathing suit stylist who has shown her work all over Canada and the States; she is the GO-TO girl for custom bathing suits.

Sandals are an absolute must when venturing out, to take your look from day to night; gear away from a classic flip flop and choose a suede gladiator sandal, or a low wedge so your transformation will be effortless after a day at the beach.  Your dress of choice should be a light fabric that you can roll up and won’t wrinkle easily, after being stowed away all day. A great day-to-night dress is a high-low dress that you can create a waistline with a roped belt. Mac D’s recently opened downtown on Bernard and they are home to some amazingly sexy summer dresses!  You won’t look like you have spent the day in the middle of a sand covered dance floor.








To top of your Bag of goodies you need to remember your favourite oil to run through your locks to freshen up for the evening. Shu Uemura Essence Absolute is a protective hair oil designed to freshen any hair texture!

A top knot is the BEST hairstyle you can imagine; wrap your hair into a knot in the morning while your hair is still damp, and rock out all day, when you are ready to hit the dance floor unravel your locks and you will have that beachy wave we all dream of!

*To contact TISA of TK COUTURE visit her Facebook page

Fashionate: Purses, Bags and Hot Summer Days

Gone are the days of our mother’s hand bags- Unless it’s a vintage leather satchel of course-. This summer we were greeted with strong structures and show stopping colours for our arm candy.

Generally a woman’s bag, or purse, is a neutral item that can go with almost any outfit and is fit to suit her lifestyle, such as; holding her cell phone, wallet and perhaps a week’s worth of lunches buried in the depths. As fashion as evolved the bag has become a staple piece of a girls wardrobe and this season was no exception.

Staying on track with the neon trend that has blown up the runways, and walkways, bright bags are a must for every girl this summer. One note to remember when choosing your neon bag choose a modest size and shape as the bag colour is already speaking volumes. Perhaps choose a clutch or small shoulder purse paired with a chain to make it look ultra chic.

A personal favourite and great for the many festivals hitting our surrounding areas this summer is the fringed bag! Whether it’s a true Vintage fringe that you picked up from Tweaked and Yummy or Frock; or a brand new leather tote from the shelves of Frakas you will find a fringe to suit your needs. This is a SUMMER STAPLE!

If you are looking to keep things simple this summer reach for the classic neutral satchel bag, they don’t have that large bulky look but have the ability to hold plenty of things, so if you are going from beach party to root top party, your stiletto’s will be waiting.







Many girls are not willing to put the investment into a designer bag because the belief is that it is always on the ground collecting germs. I am the first person to jump at a great deal and I LOVE a great find, I also like to be fabulous at all times so I was introduced to S-clothing this is your name brand headquarters. That is your gently used name brand head quarters! You might be that lucky girl to score a vintage Prada tote or a cool piece of Louis Vuitton  luggage so go often and search thoroughly!

Rock On Okanaganista’s!

Fashionate: Top 5 Sunnies of 2012

I think it is safe to say the ENTIRE Okanagan Valley is glad June is over and we have sunshine on our horizon. Many people forget, but protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is so important at any time of year, particularly summer.

A sexy pair of shades ties any outfit together.  Staying on trend with everything fashion, shades for both men and women go hand in hand with the clothes we are wearing today.

Woman’s Top 5 Sunglass trends for 2012 are:

The Cat Eye
When choosing your cat eye sunglasses; try on a few different styles such as, thick and thin frames, and different extremes of cat eye shape. A slight difference will change your look completely






Round frames
This is a hard one to pull off, but if worn properly these are a sexy pair of shades to own. Again choose the size that fits your face. If you feel as though you have a longer or diamond shaped face, these are great choice for you. They pair great with a relaxed denim shirt and shorts or a make dress and fringe vest.






 Coloured or Pattern shades
This is the trend I have noticed prominently in the Okanagan so far this season. Everything from neon pink to floral frames has hit the streets of Kelowna. These tend to be more classically shapes frames to compensate for the drama in the colour and patterns. Although, that is not saying you won’t find a pair of sweet oversized coral shades.  Pair your laid back shades with your favourite bikini and cover up to hit the beach.







70’s inspired- An oldie but a goodie
These are going to be your Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen inspired sunglasses. The bigger the better when it comes to our retro inspired shades. Because of the size and drama of these particular sunglasses I would recommend keeping a classic look with chic slim frames.  These are a personal favourite and I believe can be paired with just about anything. Throw these on for the ‘morning after’ to hide your face or shake out your top not and pair with a LBD for cocktail hour.






Animal Print
Another classic pattern, that never seems to go out of style. You can find everything of in your face bold prints, to subtle soft hints of our furry friends. I love these shades in the half frame style, giving a smart and sophisticated look. Pair with a floral dress or a relaxed pair of your favourite colour blocked combo.

Remember to ALWAYS check your sunglasses are UV protectors and will guard your precious eyes for the sun.