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Fashionate: The Beautiful Colours of Spring

There is no doubt a very obvious trend with the spring 2012 fashion with the explosion of colour hitting the shelves of our local retail stores.  Designers made a conscious decision to avoid the doom and gloom of neutral minimalistic colours from 2011 and bring life back into the world of fashion. With yummy cocktail tones, such as strawberry daiquiri, coral and canary yellow men and women alike are taking this trend to the next level.

With coloured denim almost every store window it has been hard to avoid as winter wear slips away to the discount racks. Although I am a fan and I plan on adding to my loud collection of bottoms, I believe there is a way they should be worn, with gentle care and attention. It is a piece of clothing that can add life to an otherwise sad outfit, but if worn in incorrectly it will go from sleek to cheap in a flash. I have also been pleasantly surprised with the different options of cut various brands have to offer.

For example; I stumbled upon the most amazing cigarette cut ina fresh coral tone in the Material Girl section at The Bay. The straight lines and cropped bottom give the pants a fresh new look with structured lines and a chic look. Pair them with a neutral tank or a pale violet blouse and you can take this look straight to the office! Although both pieces are coloured they complement each other well and of course you are combining another spring hit; colour blocking, into your look.

Almost every local store will have a variation of coloured pants for spring so take the time to try on a few different pairs to find your perfect fit!

As the days get warmer we will soon ditch the denim for a fabric more forgiving! That brings me into the next best, and my favourite, trend of the season. FLORAL. Flowers are back and they are preparing for a takeover. Although the runways have been flooded with head to toe floral ensembles, streetwear will take it into moderation(hopefully!) with a light floral linen pant or a paisley summer dress.

Being as shoes are my absolute favourite item on Earth I am absolutely in love with all of the chunky 70’s inspired sandals in the many different floral patterns. Shoes are also a great way to wear colours if clothing scares you simply pair your favourite outfit with a bright hue of your choice and you will be runway ready!

Overall I’m obsessed with everything spring 2012 and I am so excited to see all the okanaganista’s bring these over the top colours and prints come to life!

Fashionate: A Tribute To An ICON

The world was shaken last weekend when the news of Miss Whitney Houston hit the headlines and for some people in my life, it shook them to the very core.  This inspired me to put my current flashy floral updates on hold and dedicated this week to Whitney’s 10 best looks of all time. Not only is she a musical Icon she took the fashion world by storm and was not afraid to take a risk with her continuous evolving style. Living through two decades of stardom leaves a lot of amazing photos of the good, bad, and the ugly style choices made. Of course, we will honour the most amazing both on and off the stage.

 This is a look from Whitney’s early years of stardom, it was all about sequins in the 80’s! Although she didn’t take a lot of risks with fashion she was knew what to wear and how to wear it. The sunny tiered skirt was a perfect way to add a splash of colour on stage. This look could be easily re-created today with a modern twist; Pair the sequin blazer with a solid black top, wear the skirt waist high with a pair of tights and ankle boots and that’s your Friday night dinner and drinks outfit!



I love this dress on Whitney and the world loved it again on Sex And The City: The Movie! This is a classic dress that has been re-worn with modern day styling. She looks so chic and sophisticated in this dress. It takes a bold beautiful woman to pull off a dress with giant flowers on one shoulder and she does it seamlessly.


Staying in her  comfort zone Whitney wore this long elegant black dress with a 90’s fashion statement; the wrap. Although she didn’t play with colour often it was a great way to add a splash of bright beautiful colours to a classic elegant look.  Remove the wrap, modernize the hairstyle and accessorize with some statement jewellery and this look could be brought into the 21st century in a flash. She looks timeless in this photo, and in 90’s fashion terms she is right on trend!



She looks so gorgeous in this photo. She looks like the true musical icon she is and the cut or the dress is so complimentary for her body type it is one of my favourite looks!



This is SO 80’s and there really isn’t any saving this hairstyle! In order to bring this popular 80’s look to the year of 2012 the awesome perm would need a MAJOR relaxing. Although adding a light weight a-line high-waisted skirt to her pale rose bodysuit would be a look any girl could pull off on a warm spring day. We laugh now but this was a fashion forward look back then!




This white hat would become on of Whitney’s signature looks over the year.





Seen here at the 1986 American Music Awards She looks stunning in the colour blocked blue tones. Although this look would be on fashions worst dressed list today, it was an elegant-yet-edgy look in 1986. Although, the metallic hue of her bow is seen in today’s fashion. This is not a cut that would be worn often to awards shows these days, but it would be a great dress to be inspired by. Nonetheless she looks like a knockout in this photo!



This is one of Whitney’s more outlandish looks of her career. It’s from her early years and although the style is not appropriate for today, sequins have remained in one fashion or another; only in more tailored or fitted pieces. She’s sporting a matching blazer and skirt and this look has been re-created and modernized all over the runways in recent years in bold hues of pinks and greens. Her hair is not something we would ever, EVER see today but she’s rocking it in this photo!




This form fitting dress fits Whitney like a glove and shows off her curves in all the right places! This may be considered a little over the top in today’s standards, although I would probably wear it as a mini with some black tights, she is looking more than fabulous with the bold black belt to tie it all together! Like any superstar, she loved sequins and glitz, but unlike many, she wore it tastefully.








R.I.P Whitney Houston. You will be missed. A superstar indeed.

Fashionate: Hair Edition!

We all know fashion isn’t just about the clothing we put on our backs it is your head to toe look that creates the perfect look.

The guests of Loyal Hair Therapy have been dying to know what’s hot for spring summer 2012, so why not share it with the rest of the community!

The runways for spring/summer have been flooded with low maintenance classic looks; this year is all about revival.  Take some of the most influential hair of the 20th century; infuse them with quality and our modern touch and you will get the hottest hair for 2012

Long hair is dominant in Kelowna and you cannot walk 3 steps without seeing long blonde curly hair.  Although we are still seeing the blonde curls they have been toned down to a more natural blonde with a soft bounce throughout your long layers. This look is inspired heavily by the 70’s retro look and girls are LOVING IT.  Although hair is longer and layers have been grown out we are still seeing a lot of movement and creating your very own curls at home is very popular this year.  Soft and eye-catching, homemade curls paired with a deep parting are feminine and quirky.   They are a great way to alter your classic ‘Kim Kardashian’ look that looks so ‘done’ and transform it into a brand new summer look for 2012

Keeping in tune with the year of revival the NEW rockabilly look is making waves in the world of women this year. Beginning in Men’s Fashion this look has crossed over into women’s fashion to take the stage. Although most of the looks you will see are way over the top and not for street wear it is a fabulous look to be inspired by when you are dressing in 50’s androgynous for a night on the town.



Perfect for a HOT Kelowna summer day the ‘wet look’ is huge for 2012 hairstyles. From perfectly slicked to wild and textured. Pulled back and pinned or long and flowing free the wet look finish has taken over the world of hair. Most are hesitant at first but if done correctly and the proper product is applied this is a chic look that can take you from day to night. This is a MUST try!


The deep side part has taken over the centre. Although the centre part can still be seen in our long 60’s and 70’s inspired looks the side part is the new trend for the year. It can be crossed with most of this year’s fashion trends and paired with almost any other hair trend it is a fabulous new twist to the world of hair. When you are choosing your side part it largely depends on the thickness of your hair, and the style of which you are pairing your part with.  Don’t  be afraid, it can never be too deep!

In the desert heat of the Okanagan most often girls are pulling up their precious locks from June forward and they can do it with extreme style this year! Of course a favourite and now a classic is the top knot but some different and fun new looks we have seen this year include the looped ponytail, and the half-up half down.  The looped pony tail is a cross between the pony tail and a bun, more pony than bun it is SO easy to do yourself, and it looks fantastic. A great look to be paired with a deep side part.


Frakas, Blonde, The Wardrobe, take your pick these are all going to be the perfect boutique stores to compliment your fabulous new look for summer. Don’t forget a fabulous new head scarf to protect your locks and rock a fashion forward trend!


Fashionate: Recycle your Wardrobe

The cold has set in, our bellies and hearts are full from the holidays, and our wallets are empty.  Although retail therapy is the best medicine when the winter blues grace their presence, sometimes our budgets just won’t allow us the satisfaction! Recycling your wardrobe is cost effective and fulfills all of our new clothing addictions.  It’s much easier than one might think and what a great excuse to stay indoors during the blustery days!

  1. Pay a visit to the deep dark corners of your closet and there you will find a stained article of clothing you weren’t ready to get rid of, or perhaps a flashy piece of fashion that you wouldn’t dare walk out in public with anymore. A classic white blouse is a perfect clean slate to work with as well. Whatever your find may be, the options are endless for a quick easy makeover.
  2. Set yourself a budget before you hit the fabric store.  I gave myself a $30 budget for 3 new articles of clothing, and came out with three made-over outfits
  3. Make sure you have a vision before you go shopping so you know what you are looking for.
  4. Dying your close of the simplest way to quickly alter clothing that you want to change.
  5. Searching vintage stores, or unique accessory stores to pick up a new pair of earrings or a funky new bracelet can really bring a dull T to life.

Before you dye your chosen article make sure you thoroughly wash the garment to assure even porosity.

I chose to alter a pair of shorts, a one piece jumpsuit and a collared button down shirt this round of recycling.

My one piece jumpsuit was so hip and trendy when I purchased it last fall, I wore it to death and got so sick of it I haven’t look at it in months. I decided to cut the bottom portion just above the knee and create a bubble bottom romper. I sewed a hem and gathered it in to create the bubble effect. I cut the sleeves off making it strapless, layered it over a lace top and cinched in at the wait with a studded belt. Add a pair of creative fishnets during colder months and it becomes a new and exciting garment that I can look forward to wearing again.

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20+11 Reasons to Celebrate our Year

2012 is the start of a new beginning and I could not be happier, but first we need to honour the greatest trends that carried us to this year of reinvention. Let’s wave goodbye to those that have been over used, over worn and have bored us to tears, and open our minds and closets to a new year.

1) Metallics: This is a trend that will carry into the new year, it’s a great addition to the minimalistic look.

2) Fur: we may see a decline in the amount of fur being used but it’s back with avengance for the long haul, I mean who DOESN’T love a piece of fur?!

3) 70’s: bell-bottoms made a comeback, Hot pants could be found on any given day, and a girl will not be seen out without her sexy secretary blouse. LOVE this vibe of clothing.

4) Lace.

5) Bold Colours: colour on colour is back with moderation, pair purple tights with eggplant ankle boots for a modern twist to the 80’s inspired look.

6) Feather earrings:  I do love this trend and it has taken off since the beginning of last year, although I have been spoiled by one-of-a-kind pairs from EmmElle Earrings so head down to Funktional on Bernard for an authentic real feather experience.

7) Top Knots: My favourite trend of the year, so easy to dress up or down, and such an adorable look for any girl with hair long enough! LOVES.

8) Kim K’s curls: One of the most recognizable hairstyles of the year, I am ready for something new, such as a pin-up inspired new style.

9) Minimalism (nudes whites, pastels): This is the year of reinvention, this look is DONE we are all about fresh starts and new beginnings and that means anything colour! Of course,

10) Bleaching brows: So amazing for the blonde babes out there, but a short lived trend at best.

11) Darkening them back again with bold, thick, just a few hairs short of a unibrow has replaced the bleached out brows for a transforming look.

12) Ombre hair colour: great for low maintenance babes on the go, we haven’t seen the last of this laid back style

13) Oxford shoes: A favourite replacement of the ballet flat, pair these classic shoes with a pair of skinny jeans and a tuxedo blazer, or an a-line floral for a totally versatile look. Another trend that we haven’t closed the doors on just yet.

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The Power Of A SHOE

Dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, tunics, you name it, there is a garment for everybody, and we spend a lot of time deciding how to dress every morning.  More often than not, the composition of our outfits stop when we have finished dressing and accessorizing and we forget about the item that pulls an entire look together; FOOTWEAR!  Shoes can pull a look together, or tragically, make it fall to pieces.

Shoes trends change just as often as clothing trends alter, but we often forgo a new pair of shoes for that amazing new little black dress with sky high hopes nobody will notice what is happening south of your knees. That being said, there is nothing wrong with rocking a classic shoe time and time again, but your shoe-wardrobe needs to be updated sometimes as well. Items such as; your staple black or brown leather boot, or a nude pump are the classics that can be savoured for a few seasons, with a few accent shoes in between.

When you are in search of the staple shoes for your wardrobe it won’t hurt to invest a little bit more money into them as you are going to be using them for more than one season. Keep your eyes open for real leather boots that will be versatile and wearable with more than one item of clothing.  When choosing the length it may seem like an excellent idea to go the dramatic route and get purchase the flavour of the week, proceed with caution, you may hate that length in a year. You want to have a pair that will last more than a couple of winters so choose a length that has never gone out of style such as, knee length or just below .  You can wear them with jeans, leggings or dresses and they will not go out of style.  Freedman’s and Kolu are fantastic stores to begin your boot search, located in Spall Plaza, they are sure to fulfill your booty needs.

With your shoe rack stocked with the essentials it’s time to get creative and add a few new favourites.  Whether it be the colour, shape, or the style of your fabulous shoes they will each reveal a little piece of who you are.  Most of us work in an environment with somewhat of a uniform so shoes are a great way to express who you are while staying in the guidelines of the company. Shoes can look really scary as they pose on the shelves of our stores and most likely you will pass by a pair of shoes simply because they do not look like your style. Never judge a shoe by the shelf and take the time to try on lots of different kinds of shoes such as different heights and a style you may not normally go for. So many times something like a Tangerine patent mini pump would be a shoe that would be dismissed on the shelf but if you take a chance and simply try the shoes on you will soon realize you can use these to polish and complete a total look.  Moving into the depths of winter it is essential to keep as many things light and bright in your life as possible and why not start with your feet. If you are into heels, fierce lace booties in emerald green, or any bold colour of your choice, are a great asset to your closet.

Step your way into a local shoe store and let your senses guide you. Boutiques Such as Asphalt shoes, or Hollywood Shoes are fantastic local stores that are filled with so many unique one of a kind styles to suite each individual.  For a more commercial find check out places such as Frakas, or Downtown Shoes.

We all have the power to dress to impress, but for those of us that dare to wear amazing footwear will land a step ahead!

Fashionate: What-To-Winter-Wear

We can deny it all we want, but old father winter has decided to pay the Okanagan Valley a visit and that means it is time to update our fall wardrobes, transforming our racks into a winter wonderland of heavy knits, cotton dresses and chic outerwear.  It is easy to forget all about fashion and focus on warmth and comfort when the snow starts to fly, but comfort does not mean your dads flannel  jacket to keep you warm-although if worn with a pair of leggings and fur boots It could be done!

Knit sweaters are a great way to layer any look and warm yourself while you are out searching for the perfect Christmas gift.  Bigger is not always better, and less is sometimes more, but when it comes to getting dressed for the elements; many layers are necessary, more means warmer, and layering a sweater with a sweater is an excellent way to add texture to your outfit. Keep your staple pieces of winter neutral so you can add and build on them to create endless options within your wardrobe. Choose tones such as warm honey, rust, pecan, charcoal, or soft beige.

Ponchos are another great way to cover up this season. Although many are on the dislike end when this conversation begins but I am on the love side. If you know how to wear a poncho properly it can work for your fashion and comfort advantage. A classic poncho has absolutely no arm holes, and this is where I have heard some of my beloved friends of fashion start their complaints, agreed that it can be slightly annoying to have something just kind of `hanging` there and perhaps becoming more of an annoyance than a useful article of clothing. Although they have been designed like this in the past, often times, you can find a `faux poncho`, equipped with sleeves underneath so it will stay in place and do the task at hand, and that is keeping you looking good and feeling toasty warm.

A fabulous winter outfit that will transform you from morning to night might look something like this; a beautiful cotton blend dress with a strong silhouette in a bold print such as colour blocked metallic or an Aztec pattern, nipped in at the waist with a thick leather belt, paired with your favourite pair of tights and a wedged boot. Layered with; a heavy wool sweater in a neutral tone paired with a bold tube scarf and fingerless mittens, completed with your hair pulled into a carefree chignon. All you need is your studded stilettos to swap into for a night out with the girls.

Take advantage of Kelowna when you are on the search for your new winter wardrobe. Blonde, located on Bernard, will be your sweater and dress headquarters for all your fresh frock desires. A meca of metallics await you at Amercian Apparel, also located on Bernard, including a massive selection of amazing tights and leggings. For amazing vintage pieces skip down the road to Frock, where you will discover unbelievable finds from vintage furs to a hot pair of guess stilletos.

Our local stores are unique, and provide all the staples we need to transform ourselves from drab to fab this 2012 season.

Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.  – Adrianna Lima.

Fashionate: Holla-Day Dressing

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, bling out your trees and most of all, dress to impress those co-workers you see every other day of the year! That’s right ladies it’s Christmas party season!

I have heard time and time again from my girlfriends and guests alike complaining there are no good stores in Kelowna to purchase dresses that are on trend and within their budget desires. I have always stood strong with my argument; if you take a few steps away from the mall walls you will find a Mecca of amazing local boutiques that you will not only find something to wear, you will fall in love with shopping local again.

Located in the heart of the Mission, Frakas is an excellent boutique for everything from the perfect party dress to a pair of the hottest winter booties of 2011.

With party season in full swing it’s time to get down to business and get yourself a dress to show off your best assets!  Like many things in 2011, the world of dresses has been reinvented…again! The little black dress is no longer a simple go-to black dress, and we found some traffic stoppers nestled in the racks of Frakas. A classic shape with a lot of drama is a great choice when you are picking your seasonal frock.  V-necks are great necklines that look fantastic on almost any body type. *V-neck rule of thumb * If it’s too low SAY NO. Colours are often not explored as the mercury drops, although adding a splash of colour and wearing a bold hue is such an easy way to turn an otherwise simple dress into a show stopper. Colour creates mystery and adds excitement back into a simple silhouette such as an a-line cut dress, or a Grecian wrap.

If you are the kind of girl that stays close to what she knows and holds a strong relationship with the LBD you wear year after year, it is still a great way to make your entrance into the party. The only difference between last year and today is how you will accessorize that fabulous frock of yours.  Adding a couple of your top 2011 accessories will take any classic black dress and transform it into a show stopper.

When you are blinging yourself out choose accessories that all go in synergy together, although your earrings are not right next to your bracelet if the colours or style clash you will become an unfortunate miss. Pick one feature piece, if you are showing off a bold fabric or style of frock, choose bold earrings or a chunky bracelet, those accessories are no in direct contact with your exciting dress so you will not be taking away from it. You don’t want to go overboard with a bold necklace against a bold dress; it can become a fashion hohono rapidly.

Living in Kelowna we can never really predict the temperature, although we all know it will be chilly as December rolls into town.  Of course we need to add a few essentials to keep those gorgeous gams and arms toasty.  Cropped fur vests paired with metallic tights or an electric primary colour are great ways to keep yourself warm while keeping it cool.

Whether or not you enjoy time spent with co-workers, you are going to look fantastic at your dinner, dance party or the dreaded bowling party in one of your favourite new items. The best part; there is no battle with the coquihalla to get it!

We are all fashionistas on the inside! xo