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Fashionate: FAUX REAL!

Ashley is wearing a fitted faux fur vest paired with a 'secretary ' blouse, black skinny jeans and nude peep toe pumps.

We all know that fur is the MUST have trend for the winter. Often times in Kelowna we feel as though some of these hot trends are a little bit to ‘out there’ to wear around our laid back beach town.

Fur is one piece of high fashion that can be incorporated into ANY wardrobe and tailored to fit your fashion needs.  To add edge to an otherwise minimalistic outfit a piece of fur is the perfect garment. A fitted fur vest paired with a classic blouse and a skinny jean keeps this look classic and chic.

Although wide legs and high waist pants are all the rage as the temperature drops, nobody seemed ready to get rid of the classic skinny, so it became part of the fashion hall of fame becoming a staple piece of our wardrobes. The skinny jean will never go out of style and it can be paired with endless amounts of options, including FUR. If you are feeling a little wild this winter; shake things up and add a brightly coloured jean to your wardrobe such as blue, red or pink!

When wearing fur, a skinny jean will balance out the width that has been added to the upper half of your body. The cut of the vest or coat should sit either below or above the hips to avoid making our widest part of the body appear wider. Neutral or muted tones within the fur maintain a clean sleek feeling. When bold, unnatural colours such as; yellows, greens, pinks etc. are worn as a fur garment, the look can quickly go from sleek to cheap.

Fall's must have look

We raided blonde yet again and surfaced with another fabulous find. Pairing a printed blouse with solid black skinny jeans creates a sharp foundation to build a focal part of the outfit, which of course, is fur. A vest is a great way to add flair and maintain the sleekness, without taking over the entire outfit. A vest makes it very versatile as you can add a sassy pea coat for your outerwear keeping it open to expose the furry faux underneath.  You can wear this look while you are conquering the Christmas shopping crowds, or joining the girls for a martini after work.

I am such a big fan of fur. I own everything from a fur bomber to knee high fur stilettos and everything in between. The most important rule of fur is to have ONE fur focus per outfit, an over load of fur when you’re not stomping the runway can be road kill.

Wearing fur as a garment may not be for you, but you can add as much or as little as you like.  Fur cuffs are available to be purchased at almost any accessory store to add that small touch to any pair of boots, or jacket you wish! Whether you’re trying to look as though you’ve just arrived from Paris, or trying to add a little flair to your classic riding boot you can find a fur that fits your life!