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Fashionate: 7 Days, 7 Different Ways

As a stylist I am always looking for the next best thing when It comes to my hair. From pixie to pink I have had everything. My latest vision was long luscious locks to get me through the Okanagan Summer. One problem; I have hair to my ears and it grows like a snail. When L’Oreal Professional teamed with Gail Betts to introduce the G Wave  I was beyond thrilled! I did an experiment and wore it for seven days in seven different ways to demonstrate how amazing this simple three clip system really is! I had so much fun doing this and it was a great way to inspire a new outfit everyday as well. I found myself trying new clothing combinations with my new hair!

This is my natural length of hair before my G Wave is put in!





Day 1: Not my best work. It was hard to get used to and I wasn’t sure how to pin it in to properly hide my hair, although the non trained eye had NO clue it was fake!




Day 2: I clipped the entire piece on the right side of my head creating a cascading  style to the side. I clipped my natural hair back using bobby pins. I liked this style WAY more than day 1.



Day 3: The moment I had been dreaming of; wearing a TOP KNOT! It may seem crazy but I have never had hair long enough to pull this off! It was not the LHT team favourite though. My baby hairs kept falling out all day! Hair tip: French braid from the nape up to your top knot of you have shorter hair in the back it will give your look a unique twist and help to secure those tiny hairs.


Day 4: This was a LHT team favourite! I clipped my piece to the right side again and simple incorporated my natural hair in with the extensions and make a fun braid that was loosely tied for a relaxed yet chic look.



Day 5: I went for a fun up-do today, another style I have never been able to achieve. Even with longer hair my hair is too fine to pin into a nice up-do. I was thrilled to see how easy it was to pin up and the style stayed for my entire 12 hour shift and then for a night out!



Day 6: The first time I wore it all down. It was 30 degrees outside so it made me nervous but I was able to wear it all day without feeling to hot.



Day 7: This is one of my FAVOURITE ways to wear my Gee Wig. Center part with a low wavy pony. I feel youthful and sophisticated at the same time and I was able to wear it all day at work without fussing and head straight out with the girls. I was inspired by the 70’s with this look.

Riot on the Roof 2012

Article Submitted by Kirsten Barkved / Submit Your Own Article

Things to do for August:

  • BBQ’s
  • Road trips
  • Planking on beaches
  • Avoid eye contact with September
  • Play hooky from awkward family reunion with sweaty Aunt Muriel
  • Attend Vernon Public Art Gallery’s 4th annual Riot on the Roof.

What was that last one?
If you haven’t already heard, the Vernon Public Art Gallery is gearing up for its annual summer send off party, Riot on the Roof, August 25th, colonizing the top two floors of the downtown Vernon Parkade. This amazing community event features some of the Okanagan’s finest and most talented artists, performers and musicians.


Established to fill a need in the community for some alternative art for the older youth of Vernon, Riot transforms the downtown Parkade into a threshold of unique and unconventional venue.

“We wanted to really build on our audience this year,” says Kirsten Barkved, Youth Ambassador for VPAG, and coordinator for Riot. “The more people we can bring out to this event, the better we can support our artists. The gallery really tries to drive that point home every year: that art is significant, and support for it is crucial. It plays such a huge part in everyone’s lives, in so many everyday ways, and Riot tries to showcase that.”

Everyone at the gallery has been working hard all summer at generating such an audience, and the enthusiasm for this event continues to grow. It’s easy to see why, when you look at exactly who and what will be at Riot on the Roof.

Devon Coyote, Windmills, Van Damsel, Joyful Door and Paperboy. Sharing the rooftop with these talented performers is a Calgary designer and mixed media artist, Mackenzie Jones, whose work has appeared in L.A, Vancouver Fashion Week and Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week. Her work will appear in Riot’s Wearable Art Fashion Show.

The evening also promises ‘soundcan’ performances from UBC-O’s Neil Cadger and students, film screenings from UBC-O’s Michael V. Smith and students, body art from Dawn Tyndall, mural painting from Kelowna’s Tandem Studios, installation art, appearances by Kevin McPhereson Eckhoff and Jake Kennedy, poetry and spoken word readings, dance, door prizes, and so much more!

Now, what were your plans again for August?
Tickets $5, or $10 which gets you year-long VPAG membership, not to mention it goes to support your local artists, musicians and performers.

Where: Vernon Parkade (3228 31 Avenue, Vernon)
When: Saturday, August 25th – 7:00 PM—11:00 PM
How Much: $5 / $10 for  Year-long VPAG Membership
For: Everyone

Event page on Facebook
Riot on the Roof blog

Fashionate: Beach bag ESSENTIALS!

The Okanagan boasts some of the hottest festivals in all of western Canada throughout the summer months. Often we try and remember all we need to stay cool, and fashionable, yet most of the time we find ourselves wishing we had brought that extra cover for the after party.

When packing for the beach, a festival or a boat party you want to make sure you don’t leave home without your essentials.

First and foremost sunscreen is the number one thing we need to protect our skin and keep us looking young. A spray sunscreen works the best, as you don’t get streaks and it won’t leave your clothing or bathing suit oily. If you don’t believe in sunscreen make sure your at least using a fragrance free (keeps the bugs away) body lotion with SPF 15 in it before you leave the house in the morning.

You won’t want to leave home without your favourite bikini, summer 2012 has presented some of the hottest bathing suits to date. A personal favourite for a carefree and sexy look is the fringed suit; for reduced tan lines opt for a strapless bikini with underwire or boning in it to keep it up! TK COUTURE is a locally trained bathing suit stylist who has shown her work all over Canada and the States; she is the GO-TO girl for custom bathing suits.

Sandals are an absolute must when venturing out, to take your look from day to night; gear away from a classic flip flop and choose a suede gladiator sandal, or a low wedge so your transformation will be effortless after a day at the beach.  Your dress of choice should be a light fabric that you can roll up and won’t wrinkle easily, after being stowed away all day. A great day-to-night dress is a high-low dress that you can create a waistline with a roped belt. Mac D’s recently opened downtown on Bernard and they are home to some amazingly sexy summer dresses!  You won’t look like you have spent the day in the middle of a sand covered dance floor.








To top of your Bag of goodies you need to remember your favourite oil to run through your locks to freshen up for the evening. Shu Uemura Essence Absolute is a protective hair oil designed to freshen any hair texture!

A top knot is the BEST hairstyle you can imagine; wrap your hair into a knot in the morning while your hair is still damp, and rock out all day, when you are ready to hit the dance floor unravel your locks and you will have that beachy wave we all dream of!

*To contact TISA of TK COUTURE visit her Facebook page

Fashionate: Purses, Bags and Hot Summer Days

Gone are the days of our mother’s hand bags- Unless it’s a vintage leather satchel of course-. This summer we were greeted with strong structures and show stopping colours for our arm candy.

Generally a woman’s bag, or purse, is a neutral item that can go with almost any outfit and is fit to suit her lifestyle, such as; holding her cell phone, wallet and perhaps a week’s worth of lunches buried in the depths. As fashion as evolved the bag has become a staple piece of a girls wardrobe and this season was no exception.

Staying on track with the neon trend that has blown up the runways, and walkways, bright bags are a must for every girl this summer. One note to remember when choosing your neon bag choose a modest size and shape as the bag colour is already speaking volumes. Perhaps choose a clutch or small shoulder purse paired with a chain to make it look ultra chic.

A personal favourite and great for the many festivals hitting our surrounding areas this summer is the fringed bag! Whether it’s a true Vintage fringe that you picked up from Tweaked and Yummy or Frock; or a brand new leather tote from the shelves of Frakas you will find a fringe to suit your needs. This is a SUMMER STAPLE!

If you are looking to keep things simple this summer reach for the classic neutral satchel bag, they don’t have that large bulky look but have the ability to hold plenty of things, so if you are going from beach party to root top party, your stiletto’s will be waiting.







Many girls are not willing to put the investment into a designer bag because the belief is that it is always on the ground collecting germs. I am the first person to jump at a great deal and I LOVE a great find, I also like to be fabulous at all times so I was introduced to S-clothing this is your name brand headquarters. That is your gently used name brand head quarters! You might be that lucky girl to score a vintage Prada tote or a cool piece of Louis Vuitton  luggage so go often and search thoroughly!

Rock On Okanaganista’s!

Fashionate: Top 5 Sunnies of 2012

I think it is safe to say the ENTIRE Okanagan Valley is glad June is over and we have sunshine on our horizon. Many people forget, but protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is so important at any time of year, particularly summer.

A sexy pair of shades ties any outfit together.  Staying on trend with everything fashion, shades for both men and women go hand in hand with the clothes we are wearing today.

Woman’s Top 5 Sunglass trends for 2012 are:

The Cat Eye
When choosing your cat eye sunglasses; try on a few different styles such as, thick and thin frames, and different extremes of cat eye shape. A slight difference will change your look completely






Round frames
This is a hard one to pull off, but if worn properly these are a sexy pair of shades to own. Again choose the size that fits your face. If you feel as though you have a longer or diamond shaped face, these are great choice for you. They pair great with a relaxed denim shirt and shorts or a make dress and fringe vest.






 Coloured or Pattern shades
This is the trend I have noticed prominently in the Okanagan so far this season. Everything from neon pink to floral frames has hit the streets of Kelowna. These tend to be more classically shapes frames to compensate for the drama in the colour and patterns. Although, that is not saying you won’t find a pair of sweet oversized coral shades.  Pair your laid back shades with your favourite bikini and cover up to hit the beach.







70’s inspired- An oldie but a goodie
These are going to be your Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen inspired sunglasses. The bigger the better when it comes to our retro inspired shades. Because of the size and drama of these particular sunglasses I would recommend keeping a classic look with chic slim frames.  These are a personal favourite and I believe can be paired with just about anything. Throw these on for the ‘morning after’ to hide your face or shake out your top not and pair with a LBD for cocktail hour.






Animal Print
Another classic pattern, that never seems to go out of style. You can find everything of in your face bold prints, to subtle soft hints of our furry friends. I love these shades in the half frame style, giving a smart and sophisticated look. Pair with a floral dress or a relaxed pair of your favourite colour blocked combo.

Remember to ALWAYS check your sunglasses are UV protectors and will guard your precious eyes for the sun.

Fashionate: The Power of Fabric

Combining different fabrics and textures is the perfect way to modernize your wardrobe for summer 2012. We all know the Okanagan is AWESOME, so we need to have wardrobes to fit the profile. Fabrics and fabric textures will modernize any wardrobe, even if you are going for a vintage feel.  Combining different textures of fabrics in your outfit will create a new look with some other wise classic clothing choices.

Summer heat generally makes my decisions on the clothing I wear during the sweltering days and light airy fabrics generally take precedence over any other fashion decision. Lace maxi skirts paired with a cotton crop top will keep you cool and looking fabulous. A maxi skirt will be your best friend for the next 4 months whether it is cotton, silk, lace, or linen.  Pair it with a loose tank or textured bodysuit depending on your summer soiree choice.  Blonde on Bernard is the perfect place for you to indulge in a new summer wardrobe

Something as little as a fringed bag, or neon sequined clutch can pull an outfit together because of the new and different textures added to a simple summer dress with floral retro pumps.

If you are looking for that fabulous new bikini to grace your body for a day on your paddle board; surf culture clothing is your bathing suit head quarters for the Mrs. And the Mr’s they have everything from one piece cut outs to sports tops and bottoms. Complete your suit with an over-sized Men’s button up and a vintage belt. Frock is of course the go-to vintage shop in downtown Kelowna!

If combining clothing fabrics is not your thing, add your texture a little farther south: Your shoes! A fashion favourite of mine the suede pump, one really cannot go wrong adding a little suede or roped cork in their lives. Wedges are the go to sandal for summer brighten them up with a new texture you have never purchased before.







Whether it is a little or a lot experiment with different textures, fabrics, shapes and sizes this summer it is all about originality so don’t be afraid to look different. Try on a dress with a snakeskin belt, have fun and don’t forget to shop local and wear your sunscreen!

Fashionate: Summer’s #1 Staple!

This week I was inspired by all this rain. As we are approaching mid June our heads are wrapped around bikini tops and short shorts. We often forget that mother nature can take her toll and bring us unpleasant gifts; such as down pours of rain, leaving us with a decision of what to WEAR in this weather. My favourite staple this time of year is a crisp bright blazer. Pair it with jeans and a tank or your favourite maxi dress and you will be toasty warm, on cool spring/summer evenings. The fit, cut, and fabric, of your blazer will play a key role in your attire. A cropped blazer with darts will help to give you shape and curves in all the right places. Choose a light material that is not bulky for this fit. A three quarter length sleeve will give the cropped blazer nice proportions for you.

If you are going for a more casual look, perhaps pairing it with leggings and a loose tank; an oversized long blazer would be a great choice. Sharp straight lines will give your blazer a sophisticated look with a relaxed fit. If you want a classic blazer it should sit just below, or on your hips. Darts will draw attention in, creating a slim silhouette.  Remember to move your arms around and make sure you can bend and lift them comfortably, there is nothing worse than having a blazer double as a straight jacket. Don’t be afraid of bright bold colours, and even contrasting colours to what you are wearing underneath. Mint Green is the tone for summer so get a jump start with a cool mint blazer over a floral summer dress, or your favourite pair of coral skinnies and a nude blazer.


Check out your favourite local store, such as Blonde on Bernard for your new summer staple!

Fashionate: Summer Tips and Tricks

The sun is shining, cruiser bikes are out and beach days are just around the corner. The weather and lifestyle is why most of us reside in the Okanagan, and we all take pride in being fabulous inside and out.

I teamed up with a few of my favourite local girls to help me out with a few summer tips to keep your hair, skin, hands and toes in check.

As a senior hair stylist at Loyal Hair Therapy I see sun damaged, dry, brittle hair come to my chair all summer long. Although, we have a variety of Kerastase and Shu Uemura reconstructive treatments to repair the hair, I constantly encourage my amazing and loyal guests to invest into their hair and protect it from the sun, wind and heat. If you are heading out for a day on the boat; blow dry an anti-humectant, such as Kerastase Nectar Thermique, into your hair to protect and SEAL your cuticle. Finish off your style for the day with Kerastase Soleil Voile Celeste, not only does it protect from UV rays it has amazing shimmer for your locks! Never leave the house without a little serum or oil for your beach bag to freshen up your ends after a walk along the beach, or run it through lengths and ends after a swim to get air dried beach hair without the frizz.

As a working professional throughout the summer, I have to keep my hands and feet looking magnificent at all times, which can be a challenge during the summer months as I tend to spend more time outdoors. I turned to Shelby Leanne, a local nail artist who finds inspiration for her nail creations through all the latest trends of the season. She reminds us that nail maintenance is the number one way to keep our hands and feet looking sharp this season. Simply use a cuticle pusher after a shower or washing the dishes to keep your cuticles pushed back and clean. Washing our hands is part of our everyday lives, post soaps and sanitizers moisturizing is so important to keep your skin quenched. Be creative and have fun blending different oils and scents together to create a signature moisturizer scent for summer 2012.

Finally, whether you are having a Friday night mani/pedi party or getting an En Vogue set done by Shelby, add a twist to a natural French tip with complimentary neon colours as an accent colour. Shelby also reminds us not to be afraid of asymmetry this season!

To perfect your fingers and toes you can reach Shelby at: Tantalizing Talons by Shelby Leanne 250-864-8355

Cheri Chung’s work can be spotted all over the Okanagan, specializing in make-up, Cheri has just the right tips and tricks to having a perfect face with the low maintenance work that we all want during the hot summer months. With wedding season in full swing Cheri is up from dawn ‘till dusk working tirelessly on brides and bridesmaids alike, unfortunately the hot summer months are a make-up artists, and any girl for that matter’s, worst enemy. Cheri has a trio of heat-proof methods to keep you flawless this Awesome Okanagan summer. Less is more, keep it simple and be a little lazy. 3 or 4 products is the maximum amount that should be used this summer, think minimum effort for maximum impact

PRIME & SET! – When you truly need morning until night stay power, these 2 steps are absolutely essential! Customize primers to your features’ needs.  WATERPROOF – You can’t expect your makeup to last through a day’s worth of sweat, sun, and oil… Unless that’s what it’s designed to do!







CLICK HERE ( to get the full scoop on these and so many more of Cheri’s Summer-Proof Makeup Methods!

With these simple tips you will stay flawless head to toe all summer long! Visit for more details on our exclusive product lines! Don’t forget your sunscreen! Xo