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Fashionate: Frock up your Facebook!

May is a time to dust off your BBQ’s, have your first drinks on the patio, and upload your BEST Frock photo to Facebook! Frock boasts some of the most unique vintage clothing in the whole Okanagan Valley. With contagious energy and her explosive excitement, Kaela, Owner extraordinaire, is constantly inspired by every piece of clothing that comes through the doors of Frock. It a journey through time as she gets visions of women running the country as husbands are off at war, in their 1940’s suits that pass through the doors. Whether it is a gently used Betsy Dress, or a 1920’s clutch the girls at Frock host a mecca of goods that are easily integrated into our modern day wardrobe!

After years of lending her precious goods to local photographers for photoshoots and never seeing the photo’s, Kaela decided it was time she got ahold of those long lost pictures and cooked up the most amazing idea; to host the Spring “Get Frocked” Facebook Photofight. For the entire month of May you can upload your photo to the Frock Facebook page for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to split or keep all to yourself for Frock Clothing, not to mention the awesome party at Habitat at the end of the month! Whether it is one piece, or the entire outfit, purchased or borrowed, the girls at Frock want to see what you have created. If you own a sweet lollie, or a full suit this contest is calling your name, simply dig through your closet and get your creative juices going!

Coco Rocha recently wore one of Elizabeth Taylor’s suits to the Met Gala that she was lucky enough to purchase at an estate auction. Even with a faint wine stain on the front; Vogue Editors expressed their love for this suit and encouraged Coco to wear it regardless of the imperfections. This is a perfect example that every piece of vintage clothing holds a story and when this garment lands in our hands it becomes our responsibility to create a new fabulous story.

The competition is feirce and below are just a few of  the photofight pictures to give you all a glimpse of what you can expect when  you walk through the magical doors of Frock!!

Fashionate: Tips for your Fingertips!

Clothing is the ultimate way to make your fashion statement known, and unfortunately, there are times when you cannot express yourself through your beloved threads. In this dreadful situation we must use what our momma’s gave us and show off our nails!

Bold statement nails are a huge trend this summer, whether they are stick on, glue on or painted on there is a style to meet every girls needs. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is very well known colour is dominant this season from pink hair to coral shoes, people watching has become pleasantly more colourful. If you are not ready to take the leap into a hot pink blazer begin at your tips. The top hues for this year are of course, green and Tangerine. Hunter green was a dominant tone during the winter months, with the flowers blossoming we are seeing more pistachio’s and emerald greens to reflect the seasonal change. Choose a polish with creamy undertones and solid colours; you want to have noticeable colour on your nails, especially when it’s green!

Tangerine is a HUGELY amazing colour that you can pair with almost anything. When you are making your polish decision with this summer hue, the choices will be an orange or red undertone. An orange undertone will present a more playful fun nail whereas red is striking and strong, Both are great choices so why not experiment with both!



Staying on trend with crowd stopping colours, neon nails are a fun flirty way to brighten up any rainy day. If you have a uniform at work or find yourself drifting toward neutral tones with your wardrobe, step way outside the box and choose an opaque neon hue such as canary yellow, or majestic blue. You are sure to stop anybody in their tracks to admire your colourful nails.


Pretty pinks will never go out of style, simply choose your favourite pink, pair a sunhat, your favourite bikini and a new pair of sunnies and you are set for the Okanagan beaches!

Nails are a great way to experiment with colour and new fashion trends without investing your life savings into a new wardrobe. Nails can bring any classic outfit to reflect current trends. Kelowna offers a wide variety of nail bars from private rock star nail artists, to high end spas that offer services.  O’spa, Mirror Mirror, At Your Fingertips, just to name a few, are some of the best nail salons in town! See you all on the beaches!

Fashionate: The Longest Lasting Piece of Clothing

Every couple of months I like to assure a girls longest lasting article of clothing isn’t forgotten; Her hair! With Spring in full swing I have noted the explosion of colour on the streets of Kelowna, all the way from Coral pumps to Katy Perry inspired hair!

Anybody close to me will tell you I’m obsessed with the European craze of pastel, pink or blue hair right now and I have been plotting my cotton candy pink locks for months.  It took over the fashion week runways and audiences alike. It may be OTT for the beach in Kelowna, and to be honest, VERY impractical to play in the sun and water but a Euro-canadian twist is the way I like to do things. By adding a fashion tone such as a pastel pink, or cobalt blue hair extension in just one area for a punch of colour it will guarantee longevity in the colour and it doesn’t damage your hair. There is no better way to bring a piece of the runway to life.

Done by the L'Oreal Professionnel Team

A trend that we have seen a lot more of in North America; the Ombre look with bleached out tips and natural roots. This look is either loved or hated with nobody in between. There are extremes with the placement of this colour and girls that are not posing for the cover of vogue or tromping down the runway generally opt for the more natural end of the Ombre spectrum. I believe if executed properly Ombre is a sexy sophisticated hairstyle, but when done wrong it is an ugly excuse for leaving your roots for 6 months. To make Ombre wearable for everyday life here are a few tips: Make sure your hair is long enough so there Is enough hair to notice a contrast, anything below the shoulders is the perfect length. Don’t only colour the ends of your hair, go into a salon and get it done by a professional, you will be much happier with the results than attempting it alone in your bathroom! The contrast between the ends and your roots should not be more than 2 or 3 levels. Lighter blondes to medium browns suit this look the best with texture in the hair such as a slight wave or curl.

Texture is popular in both garments and tresses for summer 2012. We live in the land of lakes, and sea-salt beach head has never been more popular. A ‘un-done-done’ hairstyle is so great to take you from lounging in city park, browsing the street vendors, to a night on top of one of the many choice rooftop patios to enjoy the cool breeze.

Blonde highlights are always a great go-to style for summer, don’t be afraid to try a new tone or change up your cut with a new fringe or enhancing your natural texture. Colour Change is so fantastic if you are growing your hair and are deathly bored of your locks. My bold Fashionista guest went from over highlighted blonde to a rich shiny chestnut that made her blue eyes glow!

However you choose to do your hair, wear it with confidence and OWN your style whatever it is. Check out Loyal Hair Therapy online at or Like our page on Facebook to see what our talented stylists are up to!

Fashionate: Sun, Sand and Fashionista’s

The days are growing longer and the sun is getting warmer, which can only mean one thing… Okanagan Summer is just around the corner! I like to be prepared for everything in my life, including fashion trends for the season.  Hot weather requires less layers and seeking out the lightest fabrics possible, although I never complain about the sun I do find it difficult to stay ‘trendy’ when the sun is beating down on me. Luckily 2012 summer trends are full of light airy cotton blends, and beautiful effortless silks to cool off even the hottest Kelownafornia bella’s.

Maxi’s dresses are a MUST have trend this year and they will be your life-saver, taking any chic beach look from downtown cool to cocktail ready in a heartbeat.  Many of the maxi’s we are seeing on the streets this year are featuring the ‘high low’ look with a shorter hemline in the front merging into a longer maxi hem in the back.  Utilize your maxi dress to the fullest with a cropped floral blazer, some long bohemian jewellery and a pair of closed toe wedges and you can rock this look through the spring as well.

The 50’s sex kitten look is also a big inspiration for summer this year, which is a great advantage for the heat that makes waves in the Okanagan. Like all the trends in recent years, it is 50’s with a twist. Pair your floral peasant cut maxi skirt with a short short top. That’s right cropped tops are back ladies, which means pilates will be our friend this year! The 50’s were all about making yourself up and looking put together at all times, drawing attention to yourself was a new revolution and women were loving it. Bring attention to your waist with precisely cut dresses and peplum skirts, or a pin thin leather belt to draw in a flowing lace dress will mimic this classic look without looking like you went shopping in your grandmother’s closet.

Of course denim shorts and a cropped tank will never go out of style, but a slight alter of the cut in your shorts or the length of your tank can turn dated into statement in a flash. High low tanks are a big hit this year and they are so easy and cool to throw over your favourite bikini for a long board along the boardwalk. Switch your daisy dukes for cuffed high waist blue denim wash shorts with a vintage leather belt. Swap your flip flops for a pair of toms or studded gladiator sandals, all these simple changes are great ways to stay on trend and stay ahead of the fashion pack!

Summer is a great time to experiment and have fun with textures and bold prints, use the beautiful valley we live in for your fashion inspiration. Emerald green lakes, vivid golden sunshine, and everything in between can be your mood board for the majestic summer days to come!

Fashionate: Stay Put- Shop Local!

I was speaking with one of my fabulous guests the other day and we were discussing all the local stores in Kelowna that have been closing their doors in the recent months. It is so sad to see local retailers say good-bye and there is nobody to blame except ourselves! I have heard many times from, family, friends and guests that there are NO good places to shop in Kelowna and they travel elsewhere to get their fashion goods. Unfortunately this is the misconception locals have about Kelowna which leads to such unique boutiques having to close their doors, soon we’ll be left with generic outlet stores and mall brands…

We have so many hidden treasures in Sunny Ok that bode up-to-date, hip fashion trends. Whether it’s a simple piece of  jewellery from an inexpensive store or a breathtaking new top from a high end boutique, Kelowna has something for everybody. Hippie princess to a Grecian style goddess you can find some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces without the need to drive over one mountain pass or the other!


With Spring FINALLY showing her beautiful face treat yourself to some sunshine with a new article of clothing from a local store. Pandosy Village hosts a mecca of stores from the amazing New and Used treasures to be found at The Wardrobe, or hop across the street to the cozy house of Jigsaw.  You can spend a Saturday afternoon wandering the village finding much more than your bargained for. Of course, at the end of the block is one of my favourite local stores FRAKAS with everything from shoes, dresses and bags to amazing cocktail rings and fantastic head pieces it is impossible to be disappointed here!

Although Bernard is about to undergo a major facelift we cannot forget about our downtown boutiques and of course they include; urban chic with a twist, at Blonde downtown, and the ever fabulous high end consignment store S Store with a new location at 1603 Pandosy street. If shoes are your first love Downtown Shoes, or Ashpalt will be your best friends. Around the corner in the cultural district you can find your wardrobe staples at D-lux boutique.

I truly believe in shopping local and I encourage all of you to do the same. We need to support one another and our fashion industry will continue to grow and thrive.

Alter Your Senses at the Wearable Art Gala

Article Submitted by Jennifer Pickering / Submit Your Own Article

The Wearable Art Gala is not a fashion show in the traditional sense – it’s an artistic exploration blending clever design, breathtaking art, vaudeville humor and sheer spectacle. On Saturday March 31, join over 50 artists as they prepare to alter your sense of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

Performers, including first-year visual arts students from UBC Okanagan Campus are ready to challenge your expectations with full creative force. This year the competition will heat up as students from the CATO Fashion Design Program team up to break the mold and engage all your senses.

MC Michael V. Smith will set the tone as DJ Mark Mishadow and VJ Arthur Crazy Monkey create sound and visual projections to unite and excite. Following the show, the doors will open for an after party as performers and guests pack the dance floor till the early morning.

Purchase your tickets now at any Select Your Tickets outlet or visit for more information.

Where: Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art (421 Cawston Ave, Unit 103)
When: Saturday, March 31, 2012 — 7pm
How Much: $40.25 Adults / $30.25 Students
For: Everyone
After Party: 9:30pm — $15

The Show

Last Saturday Kelowna was treated to a variety-style art event at Habitat. The Show was THE art party of Spring 2012, featuring the work of over 30 artists with music, photography, spoken word, painting and film. Their goal was to break out of the lackluster state the Kelowna art scene has been in over the winter and get everyone talking again, and it definitely felt like that was happening.

Artists included: Dylan Lenz, Tanatswa Pfende, Anastasia Fox, Tristan MacKinlay, James Masz, Bethany Edwards, Tim Smith, Per Wall, Dean Krawchuck, Malcolm McCormick, Kristi Hemingson, Kevin Jesuino, Asher Klassen, Ashleigh Green, Nicole Young, Alia Popoff, Erika Edgecombe, Kelsie Balehowsky, Lucas Glenn, Andy Ruffett, Kathryn Holden, Nadine Bradshaw, Asif Hossain, Hans Lujan, Jessica Bonney, Stephanie Zahara, Corie Waugh, Alex Webster, Madeleine Belanger and others.

Jeff Willard snapped a few photos of the event before the night got really busy.

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Fashionate: The Beautiful Colours of Spring

There is no doubt a very obvious trend with the spring 2012 fashion with the explosion of colour hitting the shelves of our local retail stores.  Designers made a conscious decision to avoid the doom and gloom of neutral minimalistic colours from 2011 and bring life back into the world of fashion. With yummy cocktail tones, such as strawberry daiquiri, coral and canary yellow men and women alike are taking this trend to the next level.

With coloured denim almost every store window it has been hard to avoid as winter wear slips away to the discount racks. Although I am a fan and I plan on adding to my loud collection of bottoms, I believe there is a way they should be worn, with gentle care and attention. It is a piece of clothing that can add life to an otherwise sad outfit, but if worn in incorrectly it will go from sleek to cheap in a flash. I have also been pleasantly surprised with the different options of cut various brands have to offer.

For example; I stumbled upon the most amazing cigarette cut ina fresh coral tone in the Material Girl section at The Bay. The straight lines and cropped bottom give the pants a fresh new look with structured lines and a chic look. Pair them with a neutral tank or a pale violet blouse and you can take this look straight to the office! Although both pieces are coloured they complement each other well and of course you are combining another spring hit; colour blocking, into your look.

Almost every local store will have a variation of coloured pants for spring so take the time to try on a few different pairs to find your perfect fit!

As the days get warmer we will soon ditch the denim for a fabric more forgiving! That brings me into the next best, and my favourite, trend of the season. FLORAL. Flowers are back and they are preparing for a takeover. Although the runways have been flooded with head to toe floral ensembles, streetwear will take it into moderation(hopefully!) with a light floral linen pant or a paisley summer dress.

Being as shoes are my absolute favourite item on Earth I am absolutely in love with all of the chunky 70’s inspired sandals in the many different floral patterns. Shoes are also a great way to wear colours if clothing scares you simply pair your favourite outfit with a bright hue of your choice and you will be runway ready!

Overall I’m obsessed with everything spring 2012 and I am so excited to see all the okanaganista’s bring these over the top colours and prints come to life!