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Fashionate: A-OK Wild Heart

Last week my team and I at Loyal Hair Therapy partnered with Awesome Okanagan to throw you A-OK Wild Heart- a fall fashion show. We wanted to show off all the local talent we have to offer when it comes to fashion. Man + Woman was our feature store, showing you what’s hot for your staple winter wear. We topped off the night with a little sass from Frakas and featured 3 very different looks you could wear during the holiday season!

Man+Woman featured fidelety demin, bb dakota tops and an assortment of beautiful real leather bags, just to name a few. They showed off you can dress warm, comfortable and casual while still setting the tone of what’s hot in fashion.  Changing your regular jeans into a pair of high waisted skinny’s with chelsea boots, a black tank and a biker jacket can turn an everyday outfit into a fashion forward look.







Man+Woman also features men’s clothing that will modernize any man in your life!







Frakas featured three different options for the holiday season; showing off you can wear pants and still be dressed up to the nines. Paring leather with silk, or lace with satin, combining different fabrics within your holiday outfit will set you apart from your co-workers.

A-OK also featured the seasons hottest hair trends. Braids were very dominant on the Runway during the evening and these  can be easily transformed looks into your holiday party looks! Rockabilly is back stronger than ever with a twist, a smooth roll with a textured braid or curls will modernize your look instantly.

Our goal for the evening was to Raise some money for H.O.P.E, bring the amazing community together and show off our local talent! We hope it inspired you to shop local and support the Awesome Okanagan that we live in!

Visit Man + Woman in the mall or Frakas (Located next to Urban Fair) for all of your holiday shopping needs!

Photography by Chris from Clear Images Photography. To check out the rest of the photo gallery visit us on Facebook!

Fashionate: Goes to New York… And Experiences a Natural Disaster

My vision of writing about NYC involved all of my amazing one of a kind purchases from cute old second hand and vintage stores, paired with a designer dress from a one-of-a-kind boutique found nestled in Greenwich Village or Soho. Unfortunately my experience in New York was far from my vision, although still an amazing experience.

NYC has this energizing pulse when you walk through the streets, even with a hurricane approaching I still felt more alive than I have in years. As I explored Central Park, Times Square, and 5th Avenue on Saturday I had no worries in the world, except what pair of shoes I should choose (I went for animal print ankle boots). As we sat on an outdoor patio in Soho enjoying the warm fall breeze and a glass of full bodied red, we had no idea our easy-going trip was about to take a turn for the worse. I woke up on Sunday morning and the air had changed, it was eerie out with a dark cloud looming over us. I arrived at my L’Oreal Professional course to do advanced cutting, expecting to join about 30 other peers. Only 3 people showed up, we were all from out of town! They announced shortly after the course would be cancelled due to the expected Hurricane to hit. At this point I was beginning to think we were in for the greatest adventure of our lives. They followed up with the announcement letting us know the subways were shutting down at 7:00pm that evening. I thought to myself, the whole city is shutting down because of Sandy. My dreams of skipping through the cobble stone streets of Soho were shattered.

We walked through the empty and eery dark streets to reach Little Italy to find a couple of restaurants still open, and enjoyed a very large and delicious Italian meal. After stocking up on wine, snacks, and water we headed back to the hotel. The buzz in the lobby was overwhelming. Everybody you met, or spoke to had a different story or theory of what we were to expect 24 hours from now.

As Monday came into full swing, it looked like a typical autumn day outside; rain and slight winds. Unless you looked at the sky you would never have noticed a looming darkness headed our way. A glance down a regularly busy street to only to find it completely empty, store fronts boarded up, sandbags hugging tight. We waited with the other hotel guests in the lobby, the energy was positive and there was anticipation and excitement in the air.

Then the power went out.

This was the moment I realized it was actually happening and we may in fact be in a slight amount of trouble. The winds picked up and we sat in darkness and waited. You could hear it howling and blowing anything in its way down. Water rushing into subway systems and flooding any building in its path. 4 million people lost power, thousands lost their homes, businesses were shut down indefinitely. The next morning with the power still out and no food left we were advised to find other accommodations where there was heat, power and water up town. ‘Anything above 34th street’. We were now in a race with 4 million other people to find a place to live. A task normally made easy with the aide of technology, but when all our amazing technology fails suddenly becomes a difficult and daunting task. We hailed a lone gypsy cab and overpaid by about $30 to head into the light. After a very, very long process a total stranger helped us get a hotel room and for a moment we were pleased. Our next task was getting a flight out.

Seeing the damage, having been in the middle of it, the surreal experience started to fade and I realized that at the very least I still had a home to fly to. A job to return to. I felt terrible for being so selfish, for not thinking of the millions still living in darkness (not enough hotels), the thousands homeless and jobless. Central Park had extensive damage, a crane that was hanging by a thread threatened hundreds of businesses. Even with all of this, the air and energy was still liberating. NYC can make it through anything.

It was a life experience and I came away feeling so inspired and I can’t wait to go back!

Why I Invest In a Tailor

Alright, I’m about to get real with you and your potential frustration shopping (people like that exist, right?). Prêt-à-porter, also known as clothes-off-the-rack, aren’t meant to fit your body. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. Ready to wear clothes come in many sizes, most of them approximate, and meant to fit a variety of ‘mediums’. A Medium in one brand is often very different from a medium in another brand, even styles within brands have variances in size. It’s the nature of industrial, mass-produced clothing that there will be slight differences. We can’t all afford haute couture, so stop feeling bad about how wide your shoulders are and how svelte your waist may be in comparison.

My mother—who would literally kill me if she read about me talking about this online—has always had problems shopping due to strong shoulders (thankfully something she passed on to me) and large bosoms (I’m uncomfortable saying ‘breasts’ when I’m talking about my mother to strangers). She’d shop for items that fit the top of her body and swim in the rest of the fabric hanging around her midriff before giving up entirely. Find a nice piece of clothing that fits in the important areas like waist/shoulders, maybe a bit longer than you’d like and have someone take it in where you need that little additional love. My mother, a bank manager, would extoll the extra cost involved in an already stressful process like shopping but having a great and affordable tailor can actually save you money in the long run if you plan it right.

Given your new private army of sewing soldiers, you can really branch out from the regular shops you may visit and take in more vintage or second-hand options.

I’ll be the first to say after purchasing $110 dress shirt I’m not interesting in shelling out another $10-$20 to get it taken in. Those $285 Nudies better effing fit ‘cos I’d rather go for lunch or a coffee then get them hemmed. But when you expand your shop visits to include second-hand or consignment stores, all of a sudden a trench coat that might have cost $1,450 from Burberry is only $29. For another $15 you’ve got a one-of-a-kind, fitted trench for under $50. I just saved you $1,406, go get something nice for yourself but don’t spend it all in one place.

It’s been a long time since I had someone for proper alterations; quantities of items to be altered (they collect over time) and money being factors. Another factor was my previous tailor got really popular. Waiting weeks or months for alterations became absurd. I just recently switched to Anna’s Alterations at 2415 Pandosy Street, but there are at least a dozen places in Kelowna you can go.

Honestly, the main reason I picked Anna’s was superficial; 2415 was the first house I lived in when I moved to Kelowna back in November ’04. I’ve got some history with that place and I’ve always liked the idea of visiting a place you lived in long after you’ve left, just to see how it looks these days. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Anna’s, the turnaround (dropped my suit off last Thursday, got it back Monday), or the quality of work (I can’t even see where she moved the buttons up on the blazer’s sleeves). Finding a tailor can be scary. I always take one test item to judge quality. Something I could potentially live without or write-off if a huge mistake was made. Thankfully Anna’s did a wonderful job. If you’re looking for a recommendation, mine is for Anna’s.

Here’s a list of other alterations places in Kelowna:

  • Ankas European Tailoring – 555 Bernard Ave (been here as well, good quality)
  • Make It Fit Alterations – Suite 1210-2271 Harvey Ave
  • The Sewing Shop – Suite 3-616 K.L.O. Rd
  • Sew Me the Dress – 1161 Cerise Drive
  • Okanagan Tailoring – Suite 38-2070 Harvey Ave
  • Lily’s Tailoring – Suite 106-2121 Ethel St
  • Jenny’s Leather & Alterations – 565 Gramiak Rd
  • The Sewing Shoppe Boutique – 863 Anders Rd
  • Capri Alterations – Suite 146-1835 Gordon Dr

Having hand-tailored items in your closet takes a piece many other people may have and makes it your own. It turns inexpensive, previously-loved clothes into a unique item made for you. When something fits great, you look great. When you look great, you feel great. Assuming your weight doesn’t fluctuate and you’re already passed your mid-twenties, these can be items you invest in for years to come.

Fashionate: Cozy Up with Frakas

Walking through the doors of Frakas Boutique I was instantly transformed. It has a bit city feel with small town attitude, the girls are beyond friendly and the clothing is trendsetting and fashion forward. We all want to feel cozy and comfortable as the darkness sets in and the air chills our bone, yet we don’t want to compromise our signature style, whatever that may be.






Frakas has something to warm every Kelowna girl from head to toe.  When you set foot inside, neat and   organized racks will greet you, with only one size of each garment!  The warm winter wear Frakas is carrying this year, is runway worthy with warm cropped knits, or long over sized sweaters to pair with your favourite pair of printed leggings, A seasonal must have is your favourite Aztec, or animal thick cotton legging. Pair it with a contrasting printed top, or a muted coloured sweater. Deep burgundy, ox blood, or ruby red are your choice ‘red’ tones for winter. The darker hues with purple undertone can be paired with hunter green, royal blue, mustard yellow or your classic black, giving you many wearable options. Colour block knits are plentiful at Frakas this year, carrying the ‘mod’ look into the 2013 fashion season.






Once you have your tops and bottoms you can dress them up or down with accessories. Frakas has some of THE BEST jewellery in Kelowna when you are looking for affordable pieces to make your outfit unique. Adding a collar necklace to your favourite sweater to give a preppy look, or a spiked bracelet with an oversized cocktail ring to bring out you inner rock goddess.

Don’t forget November 23rd is their annual shopping night! Stay tuned for more details!!

Fashionate: Meets Man + Woman

I have to admit, when I initially heard about a new store opening in the mall I figured it was just another chain filling up space. When I met up with my fashionista girlfriend who is a stylist for the new and stylish Man + Woman I was over joyed with the chic new store that has come into our lives. The stylish owners wanted to introduce us to a lifestyle insipred store that blends both Men and Women’s wear together. They have everything including; furniture, one of a kind housewares, and unique jewellery that will have you coming back for more.

This is your ‘staple’ headquarters, boding pieces for your wardrobe that will last multiple seasons and go with endless outfits. Blouses that can be dressed up or down and denim that has converted even the most skeptical man.  Although you will find many timeless pieces when you walk the doors, as you make your way over to the accessories, or jewelery counter you will find unique one-of-a-kind pieces that your friends will be begging you to borrow. Re-finished antique necklaces or resin sealed Bamboo braclets are just a few of the OTT cool jewels they have in store. The perfect gift or just a regular Friday you will find a piece for anybody.







Man + Woman believes in supporting local business and boasts many designers direct from Vancouver. This is just one of many reasons to check out the chic new store.

Whether you want to stop traffic, set a trend or have a simply look the part there is something for everyone in store. Stop in and see one of the experienced fashion stylists for all your lifestyle needs, located next to Sears in Orchard Park Mall.

Fashionate: Frock up your Facebook!

May is a time to dust off your BBQ’s, have your first drinks on the patio, and upload your BEST Frock photo to Facebook! Frock boasts some of the most unique vintage clothing in the whole Okanagan Valley. With contagious energy and her explosive excitement, Kaela, Owner extraordinaire, is constantly inspired by every piece of clothing that comes through the doors of Frock. It a journey through time as she gets visions of women running the country as husbands are off at war, in their 1940’s suits that pass through the doors. Whether it is a gently used Betsy Dress, or a 1920’s clutch the girls at Frock host a mecca of goods that are easily integrated into our modern day wardrobe!

After years of lending her precious goods to local photographers for photoshoots and never seeing the photo’s, Kaela decided it was time she got ahold of those long lost pictures and cooked up the most amazing idea; to host the Spring “Get Frocked” Facebook Photofight. For the entire month of May you can upload your photo to the Frock Facebook page for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to split or keep all to yourself for Frock Clothing, not to mention the awesome party at Habitat at the end of the month! Whether it is one piece, or the entire outfit, purchased or borrowed, the girls at Frock want to see what you have created. If you own a sweet lollie, or a full suit this contest is calling your name, simply dig through your closet and get your creative juices going!

Coco Rocha recently wore one of Elizabeth Taylor’s suits to the Met Gala that she was lucky enough to purchase at an estate auction. Even with a faint wine stain on the front; Vogue Editors expressed their love for this suit and encouraged Coco to wear it regardless of the imperfections. This is a perfect example that every piece of vintage clothing holds a story and when this garment lands in our hands it becomes our responsibility to create a new fabulous story.

The competition is feirce and below are just a few of  the photofight pictures to give you all a glimpse of what you can expect when  you walk through the magical doors of Frock!!

Fashionate: Tips for your Fingertips!

Clothing is the ultimate way to make your fashion statement known, and unfortunately, there are times when you cannot express yourself through your beloved threads. In this dreadful situation we must use what our momma’s gave us and show off our nails!

Bold statement nails are a huge trend this summer, whether they are stick on, glue on or painted on there is a style to meet every girls needs. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is very well known colour is dominant this season from pink hair to coral shoes, people watching has become pleasantly more colourful. If you are not ready to take the leap into a hot pink blazer begin at your tips. The top hues for this year are of course, green and Tangerine. Hunter green was a dominant tone during the winter months, with the flowers blossoming we are seeing more pistachio’s and emerald greens to reflect the seasonal change. Choose a polish with creamy undertones and solid colours; you want to have noticeable colour on your nails, especially when it’s green!

Tangerine is a HUGELY amazing colour that you can pair with almost anything. When you are making your polish decision with this summer hue, the choices will be an orange or red undertone. An orange undertone will present a more playful fun nail whereas red is striking and strong, Both are great choices so why not experiment with both!



Staying on trend with crowd stopping colours, neon nails are a fun flirty way to brighten up any rainy day. If you have a uniform at work or find yourself drifting toward neutral tones with your wardrobe, step way outside the box and choose an opaque neon hue such as canary yellow, or majestic blue. You are sure to stop anybody in their tracks to admire your colourful nails.


Pretty pinks will never go out of style, simply choose your favourite pink, pair a sunhat, your favourite bikini and a new pair of sunnies and you are set for the Okanagan beaches!

Nails are a great way to experiment with colour and new fashion trends without investing your life savings into a new wardrobe. Nails can bring any classic outfit to reflect current trends. Kelowna offers a wide variety of nail bars from private rock star nail artists, to high end spas that offer services.  O’spa, Mirror Mirror, At Your Fingertips, just to name a few, are some of the best nail salons in town! See you all on the beaches!

Fashionate: The Longest Lasting Piece of Clothing

Every couple of months I like to assure a girls longest lasting article of clothing isn’t forgotten; Her hair! With Spring in full swing I have noted the explosion of colour on the streets of Kelowna, all the way from Coral pumps to Katy Perry inspired hair!

Anybody close to me will tell you I’m obsessed with the European craze of pastel, pink or blue hair right now and I have been plotting my cotton candy pink locks for months.  It took over the fashion week runways and audiences alike. It may be OTT for the beach in Kelowna, and to be honest, VERY impractical to play in the sun and water but a Euro-canadian twist is the way I like to do things. By adding a fashion tone such as a pastel pink, or cobalt blue hair extension in just one area for a punch of colour it will guarantee longevity in the colour and it doesn’t damage your hair. There is no better way to bring a piece of the runway to life.

Done by the L'Oreal Professionnel Team

A trend that we have seen a lot more of in North America; the Ombre look with bleached out tips and natural roots. This look is either loved or hated with nobody in between. There are extremes with the placement of this colour and girls that are not posing for the cover of vogue or tromping down the runway generally opt for the more natural end of the Ombre spectrum. I believe if executed properly Ombre is a sexy sophisticated hairstyle, but when done wrong it is an ugly excuse for leaving your roots for 6 months. To make Ombre wearable for everyday life here are a few tips: Make sure your hair is long enough so there Is enough hair to notice a contrast, anything below the shoulders is the perfect length. Don’t only colour the ends of your hair, go into a salon and get it done by a professional, you will be much happier with the results than attempting it alone in your bathroom! The contrast between the ends and your roots should not be more than 2 or 3 levels. Lighter blondes to medium browns suit this look the best with texture in the hair such as a slight wave or curl.

Texture is popular in both garments and tresses for summer 2012. We live in the land of lakes, and sea-salt beach head has never been more popular. A ‘un-done-done’ hairstyle is so great to take you from lounging in city park, browsing the street vendors, to a night on top of one of the many choice rooftop patios to enjoy the cool breeze.

Blonde highlights are always a great go-to style for summer, don’t be afraid to try a new tone or change up your cut with a new fringe or enhancing your natural texture. Colour Change is so fantastic if you are growing your hair and are deathly bored of your locks. My bold Fashionista guest went from over highlighted blonde to a rich shiny chestnut that made her blue eyes glow!

However you choose to do your hair, wear it with confidence and OWN your style whatever it is. Check out Loyal Hair Therapy online at or Like our page on Facebook to see what our talented stylists are up to!