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A-OK Rooftop Sessions: JoyfulDoor

For this A-OK Rooftop Session, JoyfulDoor and Awesome Okanagan climbed a mountain at a time of day A-OK isn’t usually awake at (especially after working until 4am the night before). The view was incredible from the top of Layer Cake even if the weather wasn’t entirely co-operative. We got in a few takes of their song “Calcium” before we were rained out. Silver lining: we lucked out on the best audio take with some perfectly timed thunder.

Neat little history lesson, Layer Cake Hill is a volcanic land form composed primarily of Dacite [day-site], volcanic rock with a high silica content. It shows unique layering that has not been seen anywhere else.

Like what you hear? Catch JoyfulDoor opening our Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Kick-Off on Thursday July 4th. Awesome Okanagan and Cariboo Brewing invite you to join us the first weekend of July to celebrate our love of local music, too-hot days and festival-ready style with 10 bands over 3 days.

A-OK Rooftop Sessions: Tiger Moon

In the latest (of what is increasingly becoming a stretch of the term) A-OK ‘Rooftop Sessions,’ we recorded a session with local band Tiger Moon in anticipation of our upcoming Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Kick-Off. Awesome Okanagan and Cariboo Brewing invite you to join us the first weekend of July to celebrate our love of local music, too-hot days and festival-ready style with 10 bands over 3 days.

Tiger Moon is Kasey Graff and Dan Tait. After another location fell through, we narrowed this shoot down to the top of an 18 wheeler and the balcony of a shop/party-house behind Kasey’s house in Rutland. Since audio quality was a concern and it was windy as hell outside this day, we opted for an inside shoot. Watch the Under Rooftop Session for Tiger Moon’s song “North Highway”

Local band Tiger Moon is just one of the talented acts performing and you can catch them July 5th.

A-OK Rooftop Sessions: beekeeper

beekeeper visited our fair region Wednesday for a show at Habitat and we connected in an attempt to arrange a Rooftop Session if we could all find the time. The day was trying very hard to share with us its summer vibe, and while there was only about an hour of pure sunlight all day, that hour appeared the second we were ready to start their set.

beekeeper performs their song “Take Me Back (To the Place)” right on the roof of Habitat. Incidentally, the same song was part of our A-OK Mixcast Sixteen this month. Never the types to shy away from a challenge, we chose to make this A-OK Rooftop Session un-acoustic (otherwise known as plugged-in). Yeah. Try hauling some huge ass amps up two rickety ladders some day.

Just kidding, don’t. It’s incredibly dangerous totally worth it.

A-OK Rooftop Sessions: Cruel Young Heart

The other day, the boys from Cruel Young Heart were in town for a show at Flashbacks Nightclub in Kelowna. We made Twitter friends back during the Pop Okanagan music festival and never really had a chance to meet in person until Mark of CYH let us know they would be in town. On our side, we recently had a A-OK Rooftop Session fall through — post-poned, would be more accurate to say — and were looking to fill the slot. We figured we’d connect over a video.

We started on the top of a parkade in town until a ‘helpful’ citizen (or plain-clothes employee) let us know we required a permit to film on city-owned property. While we’re not sure if this is true (to be honest, we never really looked it up) we thought we’d move to Kelowna’s City Park and film on top of CYH’s touring bus, El Redentor, which is in fact private property. Sort of.

A-OK Rooftop Sessions: Windmills

The next in our series of beautiful views paired with beautiful tunes, Rooftop Sessions heads to Vernon to spend the afternoon with Windmills‘ frontman Cory Myraas on top of the Vernon Parkade.

Catch up on the series, watch Greg Sczebel perform his song “Causin’ A Commotion” on top of the Executive Boardroom houseboat.

A-OK Rooftop Sessions: Greg Sczebel

We’re excited to premier a new video series with our friend Greg Sczebel called Rooftop Sessions. The view in the Okanagan is incredible, the musicians are talented, why not put both of these things together? We’ll be filming acoustic, impromptu or otherwise irregular performances from Canadian musicians on the tops of boats, buildings and mountains.

A special ‘Thank Q’ to the Q103.1 for the invitation to this exclusive boat party.