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Artist on Artist Interview: Go For The Eyes

Alero Music Group has a brand new web series that highlights upcoming indie acts with interviews done by singer/songwriter Ange Alero followed by live, in-studio performances.

This week the featured artist is Calgary’s own Go For The Eyes. They crashed for the night at AMG Studios while on a quick tour stop in Kelowna. Ange caught up with them to ask a few questions about their plans and get a stellar, one-time performance of their song “Tambourine”. Let’s just say they busted out a few random instruments from the studio and decided they were going to pull off a totally wacky rendition of their already great rock song.

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Treading Deep Water

Kingdom Cloud tearing through a new cut in the basement. I am always reminded how lucky we are that these days so many people in our communities are lucky enough to have access to hi-tech video equipment, top-of-the-line digital titling technology and the YouTubes.

Orchard City Limits – Interview

Pyper and Brandon head down for a quick chat with OCL co-founder Scott August and Brandon Scott & Graham Jones of Yukon Blonde.

That ’70s Party

Mel makes us laugh so hard. Take a trip through the time machine to a place when men were hairy(er) and women weren’t afraid to tear their houses apart, just for a cold bevvy!

Lee + Michele – A Lucha Libre Wedding

Need more examples of how Awesome the Okanagan is? Tim Feeny has actually filmed and documented footage.