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Pre-Pop Up Shop Perch Travelling Boutique

Awesome Okanagan, Marketing Night & Perch Travelling Boutique

are proud to introduce

Pre-Pop Up Shop to Not Your Mother’s Holiday Market on November 19th, 5-9pm, featuring Perch Travelling Boutique.

Perch will open up a Pre-Pop Up Shop along with Canoe Coffee Roasters for some amazing vintage shopping that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Wondering what to expect? Well you should come on down and ‘hit the breaks’ for a quick visit because Perch is not your ordinary fashion boutique.

Perch is the Okanagan’s premiere mobile fashion shop! Inside the renovated 22 foot beautiful blue bus you can find an ecclectic mix of vintage and retro clothing, accessories, and items for your home.

You’ve heard or a Food Truck before, but have you heard of a FASHION BUS?!?! Trust us, Perch has excelled and ‘reinvented the wheel’ of fashion and shopping.

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BESTiE – Pineapple

Happy VD. I had a chance encounter with Vancouver band BESTiE whilst attending a Tough Lovers gig at Fernando’s back in November. One of the guys in Tough Lovers told me that BESTiE band member, Tristan, also ran the music site, one I had found during the golden days of Blog House back in 2008. After their show I spoke with him a bit about the early days of the genre, mutual friends, the dance parties they introduced me to, and how winnie cooper was a partial inspiration for me to revive my blog ‘career.’

Well, they recently released a tropical punch-in-the-jaw they claim is a video for their song “Pineapple.”

Yeah, this is a video.

Yeah, this is a video.

This tasty treat is filled with all kinds of symbolism that I won’t understand until I’m older. If I didn’t already spend every not-summer-day counting down how many days are left until summer, I’m sure this video would completely engender that sentiment as well. Rumour has it they’ll be back in the Okanagan this Spring, but you didn’t hear it from me.

We passed the halfway point to Summer a week ago.

Jason Lane, Kelowna Live Music’s 1K Post

Since 2005, Live Music has had a voice outside of the venue. Where word of mouth failed, Jason Lane swooped in to get as much info together about every show happening in the Okanagan, simply volunteering his time to spread the word. If that’s not Awesome, we don’t know what else is… oh no just kidding that’s a lie. Yesterday local blogger Jason Lane celebrated his 1,000th post. Quite a deal round these parts for a lone blogger, and we salute him. We’ve re-posted his 1K landmark blog here but hope you follow more of his posts when you’re wondering what to listen to. Here’s to 1,000 more posts Jason!

It’s been over 6 years since my first blog post on March 13th, 2005 and this marks my 1,000th post!  Looking back to 2005 there has been a number of live music venues around Kelowna that have come and gone, but it’s exciting to see so many venues (restaurants, pubs, halls) supporting local artists.  When I update my live music calendar (most weeks) there will often be 10-15 shows around town to choose from on a given Friday/Saturday.  Remember shows at The Warehouse back in 2005?  Remember when Black Mountain played Duotone Festival after they wrapped up opening for Coldplay on their tour? The BreakOut West Festival in October 2010was a big highlight for me in the 12 years I’ve lived in Kelowna, and it’s very exciting to see the impact that event had on revitalizing the live music community in Kelowna!

Heading into the fall, there’s bound to be lots of great local artists performing around Kelowna, and lots of touring artists passing through.  The Rotary Centre for the Arts has there Fall Series starting soon, and there are some great artists playing the Habitat (with their larger capacity)!

Mark your calendars for Sept. 16th/17th when the Unknown Culprits bring their incredible rock show to O’Flannigans Pub.

Thanks for tuning in… and here’s some upcoming shows this weekend…

Friday, September 9th

The Bodega’s – Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Young ‘uns – The Blue Gator
Hot Tomales – Pheasant & Quail Pub
Joshua Smith – The Minstrel Cafe
Cruel Young Hearts w/ Moments – Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub
Jayson Benderat – Grateful Fed
Universal Juveniles – O’Flannigans Pub


Read more at Kelowna Live Music Blog

A-OK Launch Party, Certified Awesome

The video from our Awesome Okanagan Launch Party at the Laurel Packinghouse on April 16th, we had fun, food, fashion and lots more! Check out this quick recap of the night.

Thanks again to all the businesses that took part (DunnEnzies Pizza Co., Tree Brewing, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Habitat, Tweaked and Yummy Vintage Apparel, Deviate Board Shop, Blonde, CREAM Hair and Makeup Lounge, Roxi Salon, Loyal Hair Therapy, Shar Skincare and Rouge, Mosaic Books, Lakefront Sports, Posh, Hemp City, Okanagan Naturopathic Healthcare, KBAAD, Tisa Konev and the Downtown Kelowna Association), all the musicians (Thomas Kjorven, Fields of Green & Behind Sapphire), the Ecotone artists (Richard Clegg, Kyle Zsombor, Darrin Sim, Chad Pratch, Amy Burkhard and anyone we missed) and S.O.W., Kelowna Permaculture and Green City Acres. Music on this video is “A Liquid Mouth” by Fields of Green.

Especially thanks to everyone who attended, showing the Okanagan how truly Awesome we all are when we come together. Let’s do it all again in a year!


A-OK Party Photos up on Facebook

It’s safe to say the Launch Party was a huge success, thanks entirely to every single person in the Laurel Packinghouse that night. This night was so amazing because it’s just the beginning of what we can all achieve together! Thanks to every one of you for coming out, here’s to the future of the Awesome Okanagan! Thanks to Teaghan McGinnis at MSM Photography and Chris Guy for capturing these memories!

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Swinging With the Stars!

Astral Media has been a sponsor of “Swinging with the Stars” for the Kelowna Hospice for the past three years. Year one saw Andy and TJ from EZRock waltzing across the floor, year two Andy and TJ took over the role as MC and AM1150 host Phil Johnson entertained on the dance floor, this year Andy and TJ returned as MC and my husband Steve and I were put to the test with a Cha Cha! 

First a salute to all the dancers including:

Lawyer Paul Hergott and his wife Terri who did an Argentine Tango. Impressive! Steve and I would of never gotten through the routine without massive giggle attacks!

Westside Mortgage Broker Philippe Daigle and his pro partner Jeni MacMillan from Latinesque danced with banana’s, a pineapple and strawberries! It was fun to watch and showed off Philippe’s unique flair for fun.

The crowd was on their feet for Boyd Autobody’s Gordie Abougoush! He teamed up with Dance 4Lifes’ Sharon Sebo and they tore up the floor using songs from Grease! TOTAL fun to watch!!

Lorraine McGrath and her pro partner Tom Selzler, from Dance Connections entertained with a West Coast swing. You could see all the work she put in to make it look perfect! Really wonderful to watch.

Jazz singer Anna Jacyszyn and her partner Chris Thorburn from Kelowna Ballroom had a ton of fun,  dresses were ripped off and Anna was spinning over Chris’s head!!   They danced to Donna Summers’ version of Macarthur Park. I was pretty sure Anna was going to blow the roof off the Coast Capri and she did just that! (She’s lucky she didn’t blow off some well places sequins or that would of made a very different show!)

The judges this year were local realtor George Cwiklewski, Tracy Ross from the Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre and Comedian Herb Dixon.  Luckily they only had the options of giving us an 8, 9 or 10!

What was truly wonderful about the night is that 130-thousand 595 dollars was raised this year…. up from last years’ total of around $74-thousand.

It is wonderful to be part of that!!

Dance really isn’t my thing. I LOVE to dance, it feels good and it’s fun but grace and rhythm I was not blessed with! That combined with all the changes happening at work and that Steve had to go to Calgary smack dab in the middle of our training for the boat show left limited lesson time available. We are SO lucky that Warren from Latinisque was our instructor! Patient, funny, and oh so talented he managed to craft together a routine that would work for us and our limited time available!

What did I learn from this experience?  A couple unexpected things.

I learned that my years in a show ring on a horse has paid off in spades as a performer.  In the ring I was taught, very early on, to never let the judges see you cry. Smile! Smile! Smile! This has become my default when performing anything, and with this number it really helped, the smile was plastered on my face as I tried to make sure I could remember what we were doing!

I learned that not knowing how short your skirt is until after the performance when you see it on video is a good thing. (face – palm)

I learned that I have a pre performance routine, that I am accustom to. I know when my nerves hit, I know how they feel, I know how to deal with them, I know they will leave once I start.. I didn’t know all that would change when walking out to perform with someone I love. I have performed with people I care about before, but never with someone who I truly do NOT want to let down, the person who I always want to be proud of me and a person who I usually count on to be in the audience catching my eye to let me know I am doing a great job.


Just briefly, but the panic hit and the eyes welled up. A couple deep breaths and I was OK. I realized that in many ways this was Steve’s night, my job was to follow his lead. He loves to dance and he has a wonderful natural ability in front of an audience! My part in this dance was my experience in front of an audience, I would keep us moving no matter what and if it all went off the rails I can improvise my way out of anything. I was what is behind the glass in the “In case of emergency” box.

That glass didn’t need to be broken.

While in the world of dance are performance was horrifying, for what this night was about Steve and I rocked that dance floor. Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” was the perfect song for the crowd, the cause, and our spirit.

Almost $131- Thousand raised for Okanagan Hospice. OUTSTANDING!

Thank you to Total E’clips for breaking out the crimping iron and rocking my 80’s do!! It made the look! Thanks you to Calowna Costumes for all the help with our outfits!! Thank you again as well to Andy and TJ from EZROCK for encouraging us to do this and Warren Eaton from Latinesque for his wonderful tutelage!

Getting Dramatic with Kelowna Actors Studio

When you are a radio announcer everyone assumes that you are comfortable on a stage or in front of an audience. Some of us are more comfortable than others, I believe it’s important to our job and if an announcer isn’t comfortable it is their responsibility to fake it until they are. Part of the territory is being in front of people and making it seem easy.


I think there is a big difference between being yourself and playing a character.

The least of which is memorizing lines.

Many moons ago I was involved in the wonderful world of theatre, I ran away from that world, for reason to be read in another blog post, but it has always been a part of me. I do love being on a stage and I do enjoy being someone else and bringing that person to others. Very rarely have I had a opportunity to play a “dramatic role.” Through the years I have done some comedy parts here and there and have had some fun doing children’s theatre with Bumbershoot but I have never had the nerve to approach any opportunity to do something a bit “more..”


I have to go to bed early because of my job… and did I mention memorizing lines?

Are you picking up on a theme here?

Randy Leslie approached me about attending his Master Scene Study class at Kelowna Actors Studio. Part of me was screaming YES, while the other part, mainly my mouth, was coming up with every excuse in the book to say no. Somehow, this time, Randy made it happen. Before I knew it I had signed up and was expected at the first class.

(insert terrified internal scream here)

Really. What if I suck? That was the sentence that kept going through my mind.
What. If. I. Suck.

I tried to reassure my self that it wasn’t about sucking, it was about growth and the journey. Right said the voice.
What. If. I. Suck.

I bullied on and attended class. I kept my mouth shut (a bigger task than you might believe) and learned. I watched, I listened, and I remembered why I loved theatre.

Joy of joy I had a wonderful partner to work with on my scene (Arlene Irwin) and I truly believe she made me better by simply being so talented herself!

The scene we were given was from “Agnes of God.” I was to play Dr. Livingstone and Arlene; Mother Superior.

What is Agnes of God about?

Here is a plot Summary of Agnes of God by Nancy Fisher:

A young nun, Agnes, is discovered, her body covered with blood, having just given birth. Her baby is found dead in the same convent room strangled by the umbilical cord. Dr. Martha Livingstone, a court-appointed psychiatrist, is brought in to examine Agnes and determine whether or not she is fit to stand trial. Mother Miriam Ruth, the nun in charge of the convent, wishes to protect Agnes’ innocence throughout the interview process. Before and after Agnes’ sessions with the psychiatrist, Mother Miriam and Dr. Livingstone debate what is best for Agnes. During their discussions, Agnes’ life before she came to the convent becomes a central topic in trying to understand her innocence and beliefs. Dr. Livingstone also investigates Mother Miriam Ruth’s role in the events once she discovers Mother Ruth was present at the birth of the baby and had known previously about Agnes’ pregnancy. Throughout these exchanges, Dr. Livingstone questions Mother Miriam about earlier events in Agnes’ life. In the end it is revealed that Agnes was the one who killed her baby in an effort to “return the child to God.”

Yup deep stuff.

How did I do? Well, no luck on memorizing lines, but we only had 4 week and even with 4 hour classes and home study, that is a short period of time to memorize anything. The rest of the class did managed to be off book for their lines, but no luck for me. Outside of that, I seemed to have held my own pretty well. It felt really good to be on a stage again. I forgot what it was like to just perform because you loved to do it. The only expectations this time of me, were put on, by me. While often those can be the hardest expectations to deal with, when I stepped off that stage the voice inside my head was no longer pondering “What if I suck” instead it was silent and was replaced with contentment and a sense of peace that I haven’t had in a long time.

Unbeknownst to me I needed to get back on a stage and reach for something that I had never done before, challenge myself to be afraid in a way that I hadn’t been in a long time.

Usually it’s the applause that feeds my fire. Not this time. This time it was about bringing back a truth from long ago, a truth that I had chosen to push aside for a variety of different reason, but a truth that had never left.

Inside of me does lie some talent, that I didn’t believe in for a long time.

So if you are wondering about a perceived talent from long ago, if you can lose it.. I think the answer is no, but you do have to go and search for it.

Best of luck.

Here is the scene we did from “Agnes of God” Please keep in mind there is some language and content that some might find offensive.

Write-up in the Capital News

Photo credit: Floating Imitations Flickr photostream

There was a cute mention in the Capital News for the other day.

What is it about Kelowna that makes it so awesome? It could be a different answer from everyone: From the lake to Knox Mountain, the arts to the parties, or the Farmer’s Market to the people. There are so many different things that contribute to Kelowna being as awesome as it is but now you have the proof right at your fingertips.

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More photos by Floating Imitations