Endless Summer

Let’s not call it denial, (that’s such an ugly word) let’s just say, even though winters in the Okanagan are both beautiful and great excuses to hit the mountain, we still reminisce about driving with the windows down. This is our ode to Vitamin D, the A-OK Endless Summer; articles from and inspired by golden rays and longer days.

A-OK Mixcast Sixteen

“Spring is in full swing,” is the same lame rhyme I make every year. Yet unlike my bland lack of creative writing, these bands maintain perfect creative composure through our 16th A-OK Mixcast! Get ready for the weather with these incredible performers, 2 of these shows have already happened, but the other 5 are all for your taking in this month in the A-OK. Artists featured this Mixcast are:

  1. Corona by Windmills
    • Performed April 7th at The Grateful Fed with Thomas Kjorven + DJ Rythmia
  2. Go Outside by The Oh Wells
    • Performs April 11th at Habitat with Nuuka
  3. Dick & Jane by Sidney York
    • Performs April 14th at Streaming Cafe
  4. Whitewater by Zaac Pick
    • Performed March 15th at Minstrel Cafe
  5. Travelling by Andrew and Zachari Smith
    • Performs April 13th at Minstrel Cafe
  6. Take Me Back (To the Place) by beekeeper
    • Performs April 25th at Habitat with Oceans Apart + Free City Collective
  7. Heavy Ceiling by Said the Whale (Listen to the original version, Last Night)
    • Performs April 28th (19+)/April 29th (All Ages) at Habitat with Chains of Love + Oh No! Yoko

Remember, if you’re listening to this Mixcast in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad there will be a link to where you can buy these great tracks! If you dig the song it’s only $0.99 in the iTunes store! If you’re an artist hoping to be featured in a future Mixcast please contact me!
Photography by Flickr user pictiurfear.

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Okanagan Organic Festival

Harvest time good food!

Great weather, great turn out!

Summerhill Estate Winery


There are few places in Kelowna that I’ve managed to find Screamers available. Let alone any place with such a colourful piece of artwork outside the building. Luckily, I found just such a location basically around the corner from my house. For those oblivious of this delicious cult, a Screamer is a combination of any flavour of slush mixed with a soft server ice cream. And they’re incredible.

Literally a three minute walk from where I sleep, it offers 24 flavours of soft serve and quite a few slush flavours to boot! I’ve heard rumours of the Canadian Tire serving them (I haven’t seen this in action) and I think I drove past a place in West Kelowna that makes Screamers too. PLEASE let us know of any other area’s these are available, share the love!


I’m at RockRidge Canyon Resort in Princeton, BC right now with 20 of the best musicians in British Columbia including Kelowna’s own Fields of Green for the PEAK Performance Project. We’ve been making the bands blog each day and lucky for you, FOG have been vlogging for the last three days. Catch their first three vlogs and if you want to see more, visit peakperformanceproject.com.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

A-OK Rooftop Sessions: Greg Sczebel

We’re excited to premier a new video series with our friend Greg Sczebel called Rooftop Sessions. The view in the Okanagan is incredible, the musicians are talented, why not put both of these things together? We’ll be filming acoustic, impromptu or otherwise irregular performances from Canadian musicians on the tops of boats, buildings and mountains.

A special ‘Thank Q’ to the Q103.1 for the invitation to this exclusive boat party.

Bear Creek Falls

This is a gem of a place across the lake from Kelowna refreshing amazing our Hawaii!!!!!


Close to Kelowna this music festival is something to check out

You can rent a teepee for the weekend how cool is that?

Good weather attracted big crowds!

Summertime and the Livin is Easy

Quiet during the week beach by the bridge