Focus Fridays

Our snapshots of life and art in the Okanagan, Focus Fridays are single pictures from local photographers, curated by Jeremy Hiebert. They feature interesting, aesthetically pleasing, well-composed, all-around A-OK shots.

Focus Friday: Silver Star

silverstarThe Okanagan winter is so short that many of us forget to take advantage of it. The major ski resorts offer cheap tickets and rentals on Friday nights — it’s a great way to embrace winter and have some fun. I thought Ryan’s shot from Silver Star over the holidays captured some of the energy and positive vibe of those warm nights at the hill.

New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade at Silver Star by Ryan Van Veen

Focus Friday: Creek Fog


This week’s fog made for some magical light and dreamy autumn scenes, like this one in Mission Creek Park. The Greenway is spectacular right now — definitely worth a walk or bike ride this weekend. Earlier in the week, it seemed like the morning fog was burning off by lunchtime. The last few days have stayed socked in, giving us a preview of winter cloud.

Foggy Morning by Melanie Friesen

Focus Friday: Aurora

Aurora Over the South OkanaganIt’s tempting to hunker down as the days get shorter, but some Okanaganites wisely embrace the night. Caillum has been finding some beautiful skies lately. We’re glad he’s got the gumption to sit outside late at night, capturing excellent scenes like this.

Aurora Over the South Okanagan by Caillum Smith

Focus Friday: Sunflowers


Autumn feels like a mellow post-workout cool-down after the heat and intensity of an Okanagan summer. It’s worth checking out the beauty and bounty in the fields, orchards and vineyards these days — so much to enjoy and be thankful for. I thought that Melanie’s exuberant sunflowers conveyed that feeling of gratitude.

Teachers Sunflowers by Melanie Wolczuk

Focus Friday: Northern Lights


Okanaganites don’t usually think of themselves as being in The North, but we’re lucky enough to see the northern lights occasionally. Taking photos during these short nights takes serious commitment — heading out late, having the patience to wait for uncertain activity, and long exposure times that require special attention to detail. I love it that these passionate night shooters are out there, and sharing these amazing images with us.

Aurora Over the Okanagan by Caillum Smith

Focus Friday: The Pond


Focus Friday fans know that we love images of people embracing winter in the Okanagan. Looking at this Black Mountain pond, you just know that it was a serious labour of love to get all that snow cleared — this took commitment, maybe even passion. You can almost taste the anticipating of getting out there for a skate and a rousing game of pond hockey with friends. Better enjoy it while it lasts!

Pat and the Pond by Melanie Wolczuk

Focus Friday: Skating Downtown


The City of Kelowna has done many excellent things over the years, but the outdoor skating rink at Stuart Park must be right up there on that list. What a great way to embrace winter! Glad to see that lots of people are enjoying the ice, and local photographers seem to be noticing too.

Untitled by Envasion Cre8tive Graphics

Focus Friday: Winter in the Vineyard

Snow between the rows of the local vineyards and orchards makes for spectacular patterns this time of year. Richard spotted these near Oliver, with so many interesting textures and variations. Not sure if it’s been cold enough to pick the coveted ice-wine grapes yet, but it must be close.

Winter in the Vineyards by Richard McGuire