Focus Fridays

Our snapshots of life and art in the Okanagan, Focus Fridays are single pictures from local photographers, curated by Jeremy Hiebert. They feature interesting, aesthetically pleasing, well-composed, all-around A-OK shots.

Focus Friday: Black Bear

While fire and smoke raged above Peachland, this bear was happily fishing down at Hardy Falls. Tania got a bunch of excellent shots, taken with a telephoto lens from a safe distance, but she also witnessed some human visitors forgetting to be “bear aware”. The main upper section of the park is now closed to give the bears the space they need — interpretive programs for the salmon run will continue to run along the lower section by the washrooms.

Black Bear by Through Tania’s Eyes

Focus Friday: Millions of Peaches

Fruit is one of the things that makes the Okanagan awesome. Wineries get all the glory these days — maybe we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have so much incredible fruit grown in our backyard. Although the cherries are mostly done now, peaches and nectarines are at their peak, plums and grapes are perfect, and the first crunchy sunrise apples signal the coming of fall. A timely tip: look for bargains on peaches as the season winds down, remove the pits, freeze them on cookie sheets, and then keep them frozen in bags for delicious smoothies in February.

BC Produce by FlyingintheFace

Focus Friday: Vineyard Morning

We’re seeing the valley through the eyes of visitors again this week. Andrew seems to have crafted an idyllic lifestyle working for Brodie Bikes in Vancouver, which somehow includes trips to test bikes, stay in vineyard lofts, cook outside and spend plenty of time on patios. I loved the mellow vibe here, capturing the slower pace of life in the rural areas of the South Okanagan.

Storm Haven Vineyard Morning by orbital-vancouver

Focus Friday: Bertram Creek Park

It’s cool to see our valley through the eyes (and lenses) of the people who come to visit. Stuart traveled from North Wales (UK) to see friends here — he says the Okanagan is “truly stunning” and that he hopes to get back soon. I loved the warmth of the light he captured at Bertram, which is an extra special spot for locals like us who have gotten married in the park over the years.

Beautiful Bertram Beach by erwlas

Focus Friday: Storm I

I’m a fan of our summer so far — some good heat has warmed up the lake, the skies have been dramatic, and occasional sprinkles of rain have kept the hills alive. David’s shot from earlier in the week captures the yin-yang of the weather. Even when one of these cloud fronts blows in ominously, it seems like you can count on the sunshine to return before long.

Okanagan Lake  Storm I by David Emond

Focus Friday: Imaginary Cities

Perhaps it was lost in the (well deserved) hoopla over Keloha, but the Habitat hosted a fantastic show the following Wednesday: a prairie triple bill featuring Winnipeg’s Imaginary Cities and Federal Lights as well as Rah Rah from Regina. The headliners blew me away, and both supporting bands surprised me with their grit and polish. 20 years ago, we could legitimately complain that the Okanagan rarely had any good shows, but it’s just not the case any more. I took it as a reminder to get out and see more shows — so many great bands coming through this summer!

Focus Friday: Vineyard

So begins another summer in the valley, a time when the beauty and bounty of the Okanagan is discovered and appreciated by another wave of boaters, beachers, wine lovers, and vacationers from around the world. Despite the clouds, it’s looking like a great long weekend — could be perfect for exploring vineyards like the one David captured so well in West Kelowna this week.

Vineyard by David Emond

Focus Friday: Moonshine

It feels like the valley is waking up in June; gathering energy, and preparing itself for the main event. Hotels and restaurants ramp up for the influx of tourists while the beaches are raked and boats hit the lake. Vineyards and orchards soak up alternating rain and sun. Parks are mowed and prepped, with events all scheduled. In these quiet moments of anticipation, we hold our breath for the plunge.

Moonshine  by  David E Morrison