Focus Fridays

Our snapshots of life and art in the Okanagan, Focus Fridays are single pictures from local photographers, curated by Jeremy Hiebert. They feature interesting, aesthetically pleasing, well-composed, all-around A-OK shots.

Focus Friday: Mirror Image

Early March is often when we get a blast of sunshine that makes us forget that it’s still technically winter. Then we wake up to snow on the ground, and it’s gone by noon. I like the variety of it. We probably won’t get too many more of these sombre, snowy scenes before spring really does take over.

Mirror Image by Melanie Wolczuk

Focus Friday: Kal Park

Our Flickr group has been collecting photos taken in the Okanagan’s provincial parks this month. Looking through them, you see amazing beauty and diversity in our protected places. Many of the pictures show the quiet and solitude of the parks in the off-season months. In some ways these are the best times of the year to explore and experience these landscapes. I thought Eamon Murphy captured that sense of serenity with this shot — the wide angle and sharp contrast also give it dramatic impact.

Kal Park by Eamon Murphy

Focus Friday: Picker’s Dream

It’s probably pretty sleepy up at Chute Lake Resort this time of year, but this shot from fall caught my eye this week. I bet this compelling collection is sitting there unchanged, waiting for another round of curious wanderers in the spring. Places like this are interesting partly because they don’t fit the stereotypical Okanagan themes — condos, beaches, wineries and skiing. These eclectic spots are older and slower and closer to our roots.

Picker’s Dream by gidgital64

Focus Friday: Frost and Sunshine

February has given us cloud and fog in the valley bottom and blazing sunshine up above — so cool to drive up through the clouds into the light a few minutes out of town. We’ve been seeing lots of foggy, frosty trees in our Flickr group as people realize how magical the light can be. David captured it well in Coldstream, a beautiful rural spot with open fields and scattered trees.

WinterScene II by David Emond

Focus Friday: Winter Cookout

It looks like we’ve been leaning on Tania for Focus Friday pics lately, but I’m a total sucker for photos that show people embracing winter. It’s all too easy to hunker down and become hermits through the cold months. Better to celebrate and enjoy it, preferably with friends, food, and a warm fire.

Winter Cookout by Through Tania’s Eyes

Focus Friday: Love Smile

Here’s some simple advice, spotted by Melanie along the side of Old Vernon Road. I like trying to imagine how someone executed the plan to make and post these signs. Were the empty poles just demanding a positive message for everyone?

Love, Smile by lemanie73

Focus Friday: Ice Season

As the temperature plunged this week, more photos of ice started popping up in our I Love the Okanagan group on Flickr. It’s worth wandering along the lake and local creeks to find some amazing natural art, as Tania did at Hardy Falls last week. Just stay safe out there — make sure you know how thick the ice is before venturing out over deeper water.

Focus Friday: Orchard Work

So much of the valley seems to be asleep this time of year, yet there is life stirring in the orchards and vineyards. I’ve always liked photos of people at work. Could there be a nicer workplace than the one this guy arrived at that morning? This looks like honest work, the same work Okanagan farmers were doing on a day like this a century ago.

Orchard Work by JeremyOK