Focus Fridays

Our snapshots of life and art in the Okanagan, Focus Fridays are single pictures from local photographers, curated by Jeremy Hiebert. They feature interesting, aesthetically pleasing, well-composed, all-around A-OK shots.

Focus Friday: Duck Lake Skate

A couple of weeks ago, we braved the Christmas traffic past the mall to go skating at Duck Lake. I had seen some photos popping up on Flickr and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to skate across that black glass before it melted or got buried in snow. And what a blast it was to skate for miles in any direction! Not sure what the conditions are like after this warm spell — feel free to leave updates in the comments if you know — but stay safe out there on the lakes this winter.

Duck Lake Skate by JeremyOK

Focus Friday: Ice Wine

the icewine cometh

So maybe this isn’t a photo of true ice wine, but I thought there was some quiet drama to this vineyard ice. After the flurry of the autumn harvest and crushing, the wineries are a little sleepy at this time of year. The 14th Annual Winter Okanagan Wine Festival is coming up at Sun Peaks in January — perhaps a time for winemakers to cut loose and ski a bit too.

The Icewine Cometh by Peter Hovestad

Focus Friday: Mount Kobau

Mount Kobau is one of those out-of-the-way Okanagan gems that I’ve been hearing about for years, and for different reasons. It’s part of the South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area, has hosted the legendary Mount Kobau Star Party for nearly 30 years, and apparently has some incredible hiking/biking/equestrian trails as well. Just west of Osoyoos, it’s not far past Spotted Lake, and offers some incredible views — as Gary shows so well in this shot.

Kobau by tenfeet_tall

Focus Friday: High Country

Isn’t it a bit weird that most of us only spend time at high elevations in the coldest, most hostile months of the year? Now that the snow is flying, everyone is dusting off their skis and snowboards and getting ready to ascend out of the valley. Through the warm months, we forget about the Okanagan’s legitimate alpine spots — especially in the Monashees east of Vernon, and the Cascades west of Osoyoos. The Mark Berger Traverse is probably under a pile of snow by now, but when Ryan took this shot last month, it captured the mystery and epic scale of experiences above the treeline.

The Mark Berger Traverse by Ryan and Sabina

Focus Friday: Antlers Beach Storm

We’re getting into that time of year where the Okanagan weather gets more interesting and volatile — long after the mellow days of summer, yet before we’re socked in for winter. The lake gets restless. Greg captures some of that energy in this shot, and even the sky seems unsettled.

Antlers Beach Storm by Greg Gaspari

Focus Friday: Heaven Above

heaven above

Our valley’s trees are putting on their annual show these days, adding splashes of vivid colour to the landscape. Lisa’s shot captures a  sense of wonder as we gaze up at the leaves and sky. Don’t forget to take a walk along your nearest creek this week.

Heaven Above by Lisa

Focus Friday: Gopher Snake

As the Okanagan gets more developed and urbanized, we might occasionally forget about the other incredible creatures sharing the valley. I almost stepped on this guy near Summerland, not seeing him until the last second. He didn’t seem too worried about me, so I got to watch him for a while and use the zoom to get “closer” for a few photos.

snake-tongue by JeremyOK

Focus Friday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Ahh, autumn. Classic fall images are showing up now in our I Love the Okanagan group, and I thought Tania’s little collection captured the spirit of the season.  It certainly felt like summer was over this week, giving us a chance to anticipate winter fun (or ways to escape it).

Happy Thanksgiving! by Through Tania’s Eyes