Focus Fridays

Our snapshots of life and art in the Okanagan, Focus Fridays are single pictures from local photographers, curated by Jeremy Hiebert. They feature interesting, aesthetically pleasing, well-composed, all-around A-OK shots.

Focus Friday: Trestle


I’ll admit it. I was one of the skeptics who didn’t see the point of rebuilding the burnt trestles in Myra Canyon, partly just because it was so depressing that the whole area had gone up in smoke.  We can be thankful that the right people had the vision and willpower to make it happen. The history is still fascinating, the views still amazing, and the landscape potentially more interesting than before — a great asset for the Okanagan. Terry’s shot conveys the area’s epic scale with dramatic lighting and nifty curves.

Myra Canyon 2011 by Shorewalker

Focus Friday: Salmon

Ahh, September — change is in the air. Some of our landlocked salmon are taking their annual cue, abandoning the lake and heading upstream. It always seems too early, with a few weeks of summer still to come. I thought Darren captured the intensity of their colour and motion with this shot from Penticton last year.

Trout Fishing in America by Bulliver

Focus Friday: Osoyoos Sunset

Just when we thought the sun was setting on our summer, another blast of heat arrived to finish off August. I think this is my favourite time of the year in the Okanagan — many of the tourists have returned home, the lake is sparkling and warm, and it all seems more precious because you know change is coming.  Gary’s sweeping vista captures some of that feeling.

Osoyoos by tenfeet_tall

Focus Friday: Sunset Lightning

How can you not be in awe of the Okanagan’s beauty these days? The weather’s great, and the skies have been spectacular. Mandy Polson caught this ethereal scene with lightning zapping Peachland during an idyllic sunset — add in some sagebrush and a pink lake, and you’ve got a top-notch Okanagan moment.

2 FER by Mandy Polson


Focus Friday: Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake is one of those incredible Okanagan treasures that most people haven’t heard of. You might have caught a glimpse if you’d driven the highway between Osoyoos and Keremeos.  Darrel Giesbrecht got permission from the local First Nations to access the area, and his excellent photos capture the lake’s changing moods. It’s a sacred place, beautiful and mysterious.

Spotted Lake by Darrel Giesbrecht

Focus Friday: Thunderstorm

So far the summer has been cooler and wetter than expected; not as beachy as many of us would like. However, it’s certainly been great for biking and gardening, and if you have to work outside every day, you aren’t necessarily missing the blasting heat.  The skies have also been spectacular. What a relief to see lightning that won’t immediately trigger a dozen forest fires! Ryan’s shot from Vernon captures some of the power and beauty of our recent thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms Over the North Okanagan by Ryan and Sabina

Focus Friday: Okanagan Outback

Okanagan Outback

The lakes and valley bottom(s) get all the attention this time of year, and rightfully so. It’s also nice to know how easy it is to get away to explore the grasslands and forests on the outskirts of the action.  Our landscape may be less dramatic than the coast or the Rockies, but it has a quiet, subtle beauty worth seeking out.

Okanagan Outback by Lyle Smuin

Focus Friday: Summerland Steam Train

The KVR is awesome. Everyone loves the Myra Canyon Trestles and pedaling down from Chute Lake to the wineries on the Naramata Bench should be on all of our summer to-do lists. Even if you’re not a train buff or history nerd, it’s pretty cool to ride a steam train on one of the last remaining sections of KVR rails in Summerland. Sure, you can check out the massive trestle over Trout Creek Canyon without riding the train, but there’s something special about taking in that epic view as a locomotive  from 1912 pulls you across. Kristen’s photo captures a bit of the vintage vibe of that experience.

Untitled by Kristen Trussell