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Hot and Dry Sessions: Van Damsel “The Sunshine, Girl”

As part of our own Throwback Thursday and keeping the #aokendlesssummer going strong, today and every Thursday for the next 10 weeks we’ll be releasing a live video by bands who performed at our Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Kick-Off at Habitat on July 4-6, 2013.

First up is Kamloops band Van Damsel with their song “The Sunshine, Girl.”

A-OK Mixcast Nineteen

A-OK Mixcast 19

A-OK Mixcast 19 - Albums

Real quick! Pay attention if you live in or near Kelowna or Kamloops today! Two of the artists featured on this Mixcast perform tonight and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on JP Maurice or Trust w/ Eraas + Little Jungles (the last three we are co-presenting!) Alright, now that the business is out of the way, a proper hello is in order. Welcome back. How awesome has this weather been? I dunno about you guys but I’ve been getting lots of fresh air and sun and wow, my attitude completely changes. With this shift in attitude I often find a natural inclination to create an analogous playlist. Pair good vibes with good tunes. Artists featured this Mixcast are:

  1. Rusted Heart by Mike Edel and The Fugitives
  2. Set It Free by Sarah Slean
  3. Spoons by JP Maurice
  4. Wake Up by The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer and Portage and Main
  5. Cultured Man by The Zolas
  6. Backlines (Eight and a Half Remix) by Stars
  7. Shoom by Trust

Don’t forget to catch all these great shows between today and April!

  • The Fugitives – March 14th at the Osoyoos Mini Theatre (5800 115th St, Osoyoos)
  • Sarah Slean – March 5th at the Kelowna Community Theatre (1435 Water St, Kelowna)
  • JP Maurice – March 6th at Heroes Pub (Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops)
  • Portage and Main – March 8th at Fernandos (279 Bernard Ave, Kelowna)
  • The Dudes w/ The Zolas – April 17th at Habitat (248 Leon Ave, Kelowna)
  • Stars w/ Said the Whale – April 3rd at the Kelowna Community Theatre
  • Trust w/ Eraas + Little Jungles – March 6th at Habitat

Remember, if you’re listening to this Mixcast in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad there will be a link to where you can buy these great tracks! If you dig the song it’s only $0.99 in the iTunes store! If you’re an artist hoping to be featured in a future Mixcast please contact me!

Photography by Flickr user melbaczuk.

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Handsome Distraction Occupy the Okanagan

Handsome Distraction, a four-piece rock band from Victoria (BC), has taken a steady approach toward breaking into the rock music scene since the formation of the band in 2009. With an authentic and energetic stage performance to coincide – This is a band that you can’t help but pay attention to as they creatively blend sounds like Weezer, Foo Fighters, and Kings of Leon to form an eclectic set of original music.

Handsome Distraction have successfully self-recorded and self-released numerous EP’s over the years. Most notable, is their newest EP “Fight or Flight” recorded at The Noise Floor Recording Studio with producer/engineer Jordan Koop (You Say Party!, Bučan Bučan, The Mohawk Lodge). While unfolding the potential for the bands place in rock music, as well as their ever-growing online presence this release is sure to captivate the awe of their fans and industry representatives.

Devin Perfect sings with passion and power while blazing his two-step around the stage, Joey Arthur’s leads stay with you like a well placed catch phrase, while Chris Weaver dances his fingers over the bass’ fretboard, all being held up by Kyle White’s robust nerve pulsing rhythms.

After teaming up with management company, Higher Ground Productions at the start of 2012, Handsome Distraction has kick-started a very busy new year. Releasing their newest EP “Fight or Flight” in May, and a Cross-Canadian tour for August.

With tight arrangements, unique flare, and catching songs, this band has it all. Keep your eyes on these guys and your radios dialed in as Handsome Distraction makes their way to a city near you!

Where: Fernando’s Pub, Kelowna
With: Yes Bear and City of Sparks
When: Wednesday, August 1st – doors open at 8:30 PM
How Much: $8
For: 19+

Where: VooDoos, Penticton
With: Yes Bear and White Dress Star
When: Thursday, August 2nd – doors open at 5:00 PM, show starts at 8:00 PM
How Much: $7
For: 19+

Where: The Dirty Jersey, Kamloops
With: City of Sparks and The Counter Culprits
When: Friday, August 3rd – doors open at 7:00 PM
How Much: $7
For: 19+

Okanagan Man Could Be the Next Guitar Hero!

Okanagan man, Mike Miltimore of Lee Music has developed an innovative technique in guitar making using wood that has been harvested locally in BC.

Music is Mike’s passion. He lives and breathes music — on and off the stage and behind the scenes.

He has a patent pending on a new guitar design that reduces building time from 100 to 24 hours and has revolutionized a 150 year old guitar-making technique. “We have everything we need to manufacture our guitars right here using local products and providing employment for more people,” says Miltimore.

He has a chance of winning a $100,000 grand prize innovation award to continue pursuing his vision of revolutionizing the guitar and music industry. He will be relying on the public to vote for his project for a chance to be the winner of the 2012 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award.

Public voting is now on until June 19th.

Lee Music is a full service music store established 30 years ago with branches in Kelowna and Kamloops. Most recently the company started manufacturing custom guitars 3 years ago and has a patent pending on a new guitar line that will revolutionize the guitar industry.

Top 5 Ghostly Hauntings in the Okanagan

I love being scared. I’ve always loved being scared. Whether it’s horror or thriller movies, spooky stories or being caught off guard, being scared is my version of extreme sports. Because I’m lazy. Unfortunately, my partner Adam isn’t a huge fan of the hair-raising, so I fit it in sparingly and when I can. Mix this with a new-found love for local history and I think we’ve got a Top 5 list for A-OK, just in time for Halloween (which is, incidentally, my favourite holiday.)

While other regions in BC may be more ghastly — Victoria, for instance, always springs to mind — we are not without our fair share of hauntings in the interior. Here is a list of my Top 5 unearthly hangouts…

5. Guisachan Ranch (Kelowna)

Many of us are familiar with Guisachan House in Kelowna from the numerous weddings we’ve attended there (or at least I hope this is the case as it’s a beautiful residence). Nearly as many of us are probably familar with it’s reported haunted gravel driveway. I’ve been to two weddings there myself and, while the on-site signage confirms the haunting stopped in recent history, after a few champagne toasts I’m dragging guests out back in the chance we may hear the phantom footsteps that frequented the ranch grounds.

Built in the 1890’s for Governor General Lord Aberdeen and named after his wife’s childhood home in Scotland, it apparently wasn’t long until the clip-clop of invisible horses and carriages could be heard rolling down the drive. Seeming to stop for a moment before picking up again, this tormented coach must have dropped off its ghostly passengers before continuing on its way. While nothing had ever been seen, this spooky sound was heard many times over the years.

4. The Prankster Projectionist (Vernon)

I’ve heard stories of the Town Theatre in Vernon, and even that there is an entrance to the Vernon underground around that area, since I was a child. I think there’s even a Vernon Ghost Tour that runs Mondays and Wednesdays between July 13 and August 31 that probably covers this ground. This particular tale is about the long-time home of one particular projectionist, long dead and bent on making his presence known.

Photo by Sporkist.

One story has a worker coming in early to prep for the night’s show, and once feeling satisfied everything was ready, leaving for a little bit to come back later. He was surprised to find the theatre doors locked when he purposely left them unlocked as he would be returning soon. Even more surprising is that the only way to lock the doors was with the key, and the worker had the only copy.

In the early 90’s, a contracting company was hired to clean the theatre’s 500 seats. Workers carried their own supplies into the theatre and placed them on a corner of the stage. It was mere moments before they found the supplies moved to the other side of the stage, even though no one was near them. Luckily, it wasn’t all bad, the workers were entertained with phantom music while they cleaned, even though the sound system had been turned off…

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The Perfect Trend CD Release

Flashing lights, lighting fast catchy hooks, tight jeans and swooped hair. All the sights and sounds of  a one of the best shows I’ve had the opportunity to attend in well over 5 years. That show was Victoria based band The Perfect Trend’s CD release show at the Kamloops Indian Band Gymnasium. Kamloops hometown favorites First Class Times, featuring my good friend from Vernon, Kurtis Lloyd on guitar, played a mean set of glorious poppy punk rock.

Kurtis shredding some gnarly guitar

Dana getting the crowd fired up!

Next up was Winslow from Montreal. I really enjoyed them!

Following Winslow came Prom Night In Black and White from Saskatchewan. Easily one of my favorite acts of the night. They played hard with so much energy and a passion that was refreshing!

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17th Annual Wendy’s Dreamlift Day


Yesterday was the 17th Annual Wendy’s DreamLift Day! $109,382.45 was raised! from this one-day event!

All totalled over the last seventeen years, Wendy’s DreamLift Day has now raised an accumulative total of $995,080.64!

The total includes the gross profits, wages and salaries from all the staff, management and ownership of the nine Wendy’s Restaurants in Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna and Penticton.

The restaurants were assisted by volunteers from all walks of life. They added to the fun of the day by changing from their usual jobs in their communities to something very different: preparing burgers & salads, making fries, cleaning trays & tables and all sorts of other behind the scenes tasks that helped make the day such a great success.

A special thank you to the Orange County Sheriff’s who helped make this such a special day: Lieutenant Paul Fuzzard, Lieutenant Robert Peterson, Lieutenant Mike Toledo, Commander Dave Wilson, and Captain Linda Solorza. In addition, Marilyn MacDougall, Executive Director, from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Advisory Council attended.

Check out this video for some of the fun we had! Sonia makes Susan a Frosty!