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Floridas – Another Place

Local film collective ROOM paired with local musician Floridas to complete a music video for Floridas track “Another Place” off of their recent EP, Cadboro, which was released about a month ago. It was shot in Penticton with actors from Vernon, Kelowna, Summerland, and Penticton.

Focus Friday: Northern Lights


Okanaganites don’t usually think of themselves as being in The North, but we’re lucky enough to see the northern lights occasionally. Taking photos during these short nights takes serious commitment — heading out late, having the patience to wait for uncertain activity, and long exposure times that require special attention to detail. I love it that these passionate night shooters are out there, and sharing these amazing images with us.

Aurora Over the Okanagan by Caillum Smith

Trek-It Tuesday: Summer Solstice at the Little Tunnel

Little Tunnel, Naramata

Solstice 2012 – Little Tunnel, Naramata

Summer solstice is nearly here bearing days of exaggerated sunlight so why not take the opportunity to get out and explore this awesome valley of ours. The KVR’s Little Tunnel sits high on the Eastern Hillside, above the village of Naramata, overlooking the South Okanagan valley with sweeping, panoramic views of its entirety; the scattered ponderosa pine and bunchgrass give way to the neatly manicured vineyards of Naramata and then to the beaches and cityscape of Penticton as Skaha Lake disappears around the bend on the horizon. To the West lies Trout Creek and Summerland tucked neatly at the foothills of Giant’s Head with Brent Mountain prominently sat in the mountains beyond and finally to the North, where if you tilt your head just right, you may be able to peer past Okanagan Mountain Prov. Park to Peachland. Be sure to bring your camera! Especially if you decide to come between the two weeks around summer solstice (June 21) where the Sun sets so far North, it peeks through this incredible, cliff-hanging orifice engineered by Andrew McCulloch nearly 100 years ago.

Little Tunnel, Naramata

Perhaps the best thing about this scenic location is most certainly its ease of access for all ages. The KVR’s moderate grade allows for a myriad of methods to travel the 8.8km round-trip route to the tunnel with cycling, walking and driving being the most common of tactics. Be sure to share the trail.

The KVR Trail above Naramata, BC.

Cycling the KVR Trail above Naramata, BC.

If you are arriving from Penticton or Naramata, head along North Naramata road until you reach Smethurst road, a right hand turn heading up the mountainside, and follow it as it meanders up the hillside and intersects with the Kettle Valley Railway at a parking lot about 5 minutes up. Here you can park your car and walk to the tunnel (~1.5 to 2 hours round-trip) or at least read some of the informative maps and boards explaining the history of the KVR and its significance to the local areas. From the parking lot head North (left as you look uphill) and continue along until you reach the tunnel, or stop at some of the old rock ovens that were built by the railroad workers during the construction of the route. It is also possible to arrive from Kelowna along the KVR and past Chute Lake but is more of a full day trip as opposed to a quick excursion however if you do decide to do so, be sure to check out the Big “Adra” Tunnel, also referred to as “McCulloch’s Wonder” for its horseshoe bend through 490m of bed rock, which is situated en route to the Little Tunnel. Happy ventures.

Big "Adra" Tunnel, Naramata

Big “Adra” Tunnel, Naramata

BC Historic Hotels Series: The South Okanagan

BC Historic Hotels

A pretty incredible view at our history, straight out of the Glen A Mofford Collection. A collage of a selection of historic hotels from Osoyoos to Naramata – most long gone include the Fairview, the Rialto, the Kaladen, the Reopel, the Incola, the Prince Charles, the Okanagan Falls and Three Gables Hotels.

We got this little gem sent to us on Twitter yesterday. This isn’t even quite all of them! Click the image or this link to see history in all it’s glory.

Collection by flickr user glenalan54.

Picture The Ocean Back In Peach City


Matt Blackie (Drums, Vocals), Jacquie B (Keyboard, Accordian, Vocals) Jess Dee (Guitar, Vocals)

A musical trio called Picture The Ocean, who happen to be three of my favourite musicians will be arriving in Penticton on Thursday (May 23rd) for another intimate performance at The Elite. Special guests this go-around will be local favourites Jack Rabbit & The Beetles.

What makes this visit by PTO extra-special is their return from international touring visiting the UK, Europe and India for the first time together. Before embarking on such a stretch of travel they did a tour across Western Canada and even up to Anchorage, Alaska… Then across the northern US with some stops in Ontario before catching their flights to the UK. I need a nap just thinking about the miles they’ve put in!


Taking time off since setting foot on home soil has afforded some much needed R&R and family time, as well as a whole flood of new material which I can’t bloody well wait to experience! PTO can’t be put into a shoe box, categorized or labelled. They are their own unique creation of substantial musicians and performers. They are singers, songwriters, players, and storytellers. They’re the drivers and mechanics of a well oiled machine; evident in the nature of their songwriting with tales of insight and adventure on the exciting but often lonely open road. Most important to be on this road with those you love, and with that I offer another CONGRATULATIONS to Jesse & Jacquie on their engagement last summer!

I strongly urge everyone to check out PTO’s tunes on their site by clicking here… Perhaps purchase their debut album (or anything in the catalogue!) and show support for this insanely hardworking and talented band.  And then pop on down to The Elite at 340 Main Street in Penticton on Thursday, May 23rd to see your new favourite band perform LIVE!

In Focus: John Shiers


We’re way overdue for another In Focus profile! We’ve featured several of John’s pictures for Focus Fridays, so it was only a matter of time before we took a closer look. His landscapes make us want to take more photos, and to see more of our valley.

John has been posting to our I Love the Okanagan group on Flickr for a while now. His shots of Vaseux Lake and McIntyre Bluff really jumped out — he obviously understands the land and light of the South Okanagan. Digging further into his photostream, you find great variety and fascinating abstracts.  John was kind enough to share his pictures with Awesome Okanagan, and answer a few questions about his photographic pursuits.


How did you get started with photography?
Being born and raised in Penticton I started playing around with photography in the late 1980’s with an old Minolta XD11 35mm SLR I inherited from my father. In the early 1990’s I moved to Jasper AB, and learned that I really enjoyed landscape, nature and sport photography.


How about more recently?
In the mid 90’s I moved back to Penticton and bought my first digital SLR a Nikon D70. Digital made learning photography much easier and cheaper for me and I was hooked.

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One Pass: Any Okanagan Yoga Studio!

Article Submitted by Chelsea Ray / Submit Your Own Article

Come ‘OM’ for the Holidays! Okanagan yoga studios join together in community yoga initiative.

Photo by lululemon athletica

For the first time ever, yoga studios across the central Okanagan have joined together in an initiative to make yoga more accessible for the community. Just in time for the holidays and the impending resolution season, the Okanagan Community Yoga Pass or ‘One Pass’ is on sale through January 15th, 2013 and will be accepted at all major yoga studio’s in Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon. Books of 10 passes can be purchased for $130 plus HST from and picked up from select local businesses.

“As a region, we’ve had to navigate through some pretty tough times these last few years. It’s no secret that yoga has become increasingly popular, I think because it offers people the opportunity to feel better, not just physically but mentally and emotionally”, says Chelsea Ray whose community yoga web portal, Yoga Warehouse, launched the One Pass initiative. “I am thrilled that all the studios have joined together non-competitively because this really is about giving more people the chance to get on the mat and find out what style of yoga is right for them.”

And there are many choices. Hot yoga, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa Flow, Moksha, Iyengar, Hatha… with so many different styles, it can be overwhelming and expensive for a new yoga student. The One Pass allows budding yogi’s to test-drive the options, to find a studio and a teacher that fits them. “There is a yoga class for every BODY’, says Chelsea, “from athletes to boomers,for both men and women. Yoga helps you get stronger and more flexible, recover from injuries or cope with chronic conditions, all while reducing stress and contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle.’

This is the first time yoga studios in the Okanagan worked together on a project like this. Just in time for the holidays, passes have been designed to easily slip into the average stocking, and are valid until August 15, 2013. To purchase, visit is a one-stop community web portal created by local yoga instructor and holistic health consultant, Chelsea Ray. It is the go-to resource for all things yoga in the Okanagan, from special events, workshops, guest teachers, product reviews, news and information, yoga teacher profiles and much more.

For more information:
Chelsea Ray

Focus Friday: Wild Horses

It’s so cool to encounter wild horses while hiking or biking — amazing that they seem to be thriving year-round in the Okanagan. Lori got a great shot of this pair near Penticton, with a beautiful forested backdrop. You have a good chance of seeing a few if you pedal the old KVR railbed between Summerland and Penticton.

Between the Woods and Frozen Lake by Lori-B