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Focus Friday: Winter Cookout

It looks like we’ve been leaning on Tania for Focus Friday pics lately, but I’m a total sucker for photos that show people embracing winter. It’s all too easy to hunker down and become hermits through the cold months. Better to celebrate and enjoy it, preferably with friends, food, and a warm fire.

Winter Cookout by Through Tania’s Eyes

Focus Friday: Duck Lake Skate

A couple of weeks ago, we braved the Christmas traffic past the mall to go skating at Duck Lake. I had seen some photos popping up on Flickr and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to skate across that black glass before it melted or got buried in snow. And what a blast it was to skate for miles in any direction! Not sure what the conditions are like after this warm spell — feel free to leave updates in the comments if you know — but stay safe out there on the lakes this winter.

Duck Lake Skate by JeremyOK

In Focus: Darrel Giesbrecht

Local photographer Darrel Giesbrecht has been posting amazing photos to the I Love the Okanagan group on Flickr (as okanaganboy) for a couple of years. Earlier this year I assembled a gallery of some his shots based on the theme serenity.  I saw a real sense of calm and peacefulness in his work, and I suspect that this sense goes beyond how the scenes appear — they convey the actual experience of serenity, and probably capture something of Darrel’s personal journey.

Some of the pictures have the standard elements we associate with calming effects: water, forests and emptiness. But they strike me as unique views of familiar landscapes, and others explicitly include people as part of the experience of landscape, enjoying a type of spiritual connection with beautiful places. It’s impossible to encompass the full scope of Darrel’s work in a short profile, but you can check out his stuff online and exhibits up and down the valley. He’s shown his pictures in several local venues including the Rotary Center for the Arts.

Gallery of Photos from Darrel Giesbrecht

Serenity Now: Gallery of Photos from Darrel Giesbrecht

Photo by Darrel Giesbrecht:

Photo by Darrel Giesbrecht: